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East Farewell – Every Halloween the streets of East Farewell are taken over by ghouls, goblins and more masked munchkins than anyone can imagine. Main Street, Lakeshore Drive and the Lakefront Plaza have been closed to traffic for the evening and the crowd of scary, eerie, funny and cute mascaraed maniacs strolled, strutted and ran up and down the streets. The young children dressed as cowboys, aliens, ballerinas and a surprising number of aliens scampered around with their parents in tow. Many of the restaurants stayed open late and offered the parents some refreshment on their rounds. This year the high schoolers seemed to tend towards the zombie look or the run-down bum with charcoal beard. All the homes on Lake Shore Drive were lit and welcomed the trick or treaters.

            In the town cemetery there was a group of older teenagers that have made it almost a tradition to dress up like ghosts and goblins carry large candles or lanterns and make spooky noises and sing scary songs. Officially the cemetery is closed after dark but an exception has been made every year with the understanding that things don’t get disturbed and it is cleaned up within a day or two. This year the crowd seemed extra-large and the music was louder than ever but there were no incidents and there seemed to be a lot more picture taking. It seemed the spirits were a little vain this year.


Halloween Parade 1959



East Farewell – The Cougars were able to get back on the winning track Friday evening when they handled the Southport Hawks 24-7. The Cougars came out looking to overcome two heartbreaking losses in a row. They lost by a last minute score last week and by one point the week before. They had spent the week trying to sharpen up their team play and work on timing between different players. The hard work paid off handsomely on Friday night. After winning the toss the Cougars elected to receive and speedy Joey Neil took the kickoff started toward the center then cut to the outside and raced up the sidelines all the way down to the Hawk’s ten yard line. Cougars QB, Kevin Dugan got right to work first tossing a quick screen out to tight end, Albert Dillon who took it down to the four. Then Dugan went to his bulldozer, fullback Robby Blackman who blasted through the center for the score. In three plays the Cougars were up six nothing. Sammy Regalia added the extra point to make it 7-0 with only three minutes gone. The Southport Hawks tried to rally back but they were stopped repeatedly and did not get closer than the Cougars thirty in the first quarter. In the second quarter the Cougars mounted another drive that started on their own three yard line after an excellent punt by Hawks kicker, Milo Deangelo. Dugan skillfully moved the team down field with a mix of passes and runs that kept the Hawks reeling backwards. At the Hawks 18 yard line Dugan went outside to Max O’Hara who had deked his defender and was wide open on the sideline. O’Hara caught the ball on the run and sprinted to the end zone for the score. The half ended with the Cougars up 14-0.

            The Hawks came out in the second half all relied up and took the kick off down the Cougars twenty, their deepest penetration yet. Hawks QB, Frankie Cappelli, was able to work his running game employing both his halfback, Jules Diganzio and his fullback Carmine Falco to drive down and score. The Cougars defense begrudgingly gave ground but the Hawks were tough and focused. With only five seconds left in the third quarter little Sammy Regalia trotted on the field at the Hawks thirty yard line where the Cougar’s drive have come to a screeching halt after two dropped passes and a stymied run and he let loose a long, straight kick that sailed through the crossbars with five yards to spare. The Cougars lead was up to 10, 17-7. The fourth quarter went back and forth with each team seeming to show a little fatigue. The clock had wound down to five minutes left when Dugan handed off to halfback, Joey O’Toole who somehow snaked through the middle of the line and broke out at the Hawks twenty and ran into for a score. Regalia finished off his perfect afternoon by making the score 24-7. The clock ran out on the Hawks as they tried a last desperation long bomb but defensive end, Daniel Green was able to get his hand in front of Hawks wide receiver, Alfonse Genardi and knock the ball down. The clock expired and the Cougars had sealed their victory, 24-7. “It was a great win for these boys, they really needed to get back in the winning mind set. The Hawks are a good team but today we were better,” said Coach Burcowitz after the game.

            The Cougars face the Corning Devils for the second time this season next week. It is a home game and begins a 4:30PM on Friday. The Cougars beat the Devils earlier this season, 14-7 and are trying for a season sweep. The game will be played at the Regional High Field.



Demonstrators stoned the offices of the American-owned Light and Power Company in Panama City, Cuba, during the second day of anti-US violence. Military tribunals which have ordered the firing squad execution of more than 500 Cubans since January 1 will be reinstated next week, the Cuban government disclosed.

Also in Cuba, an anti-American pamphlet accuses fliers from the United States of bombing and machine-gunning Havana last October. The pamphlet said as a result, two died and 45 were injured. The State department said eyewitness reports indicate that many, if not all of the casualties were victims of the Cuban armed forces own gunfire, or of bombs thrown from automobiles by terrorists.

General Motors stops auto production because it hasn’t enough finished steel to build even one more complete car. Most GM lines have been down for 10 days and production was curtailed even before then by parts shortages.

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