Thursday, January 17, 1957   Vol. C603



East Farewell- In any other year the fact that Lake Charles has frozen solid in the middle of January would not be front page news. But this has not been any other year this year East Farewell did not experience an extended spell of below freezing until after the first of the year and Lake Charles did not freeze over until last week. Measurable snow has finally arrived in East Farewell on Sunday as over 4 inches fell over night and another two inches fell on Tuesday. The Lake has frozen to a two and a half inch thickness across about ninety percent of its surface. That thickness is acceptable for skaters and personal use like fishing but no huts are allowed yet and no vehicles.

            The much anticipated Snow Sculpture Contest looks like it will be held in a week or two if the weather stays on track. The Town Council will be holding its monthly meeting next Wednesday and the Contest is on the agenda. Many folks are looking forward to the contest and the details will be eagerly received. The contest has taken place over the last four years and each year has gotten bigger and more elaborate with sculptures ranging from big words to huge animals and buildings.

            Another event that is in the near future is the legendary Valentine’s Day Dance. The dance this year will be held on Saturday, February 16th in the Town Hall Basement. There have already been several meetings by the organizing committee and this year’s dance is promising to be even bigger and better than last year. The weather should not have any effect on the dance, contingencies have been in place since the first dance in 1953.

Frozen Lake Charles 1957



Southport - The Cougars continued the blazing path through the Central League last week as they swatted the very persistent Southport Hawks team, 52-46. The Hawks came out strong and played a very strong defensive game trying to break the focus of the Cougars backcourt. Cougar’s backcourt, Bobby Fox and Fergal Conner, a sophomore and junior respectively, were not taking the bait. They have gotten stronger with each game and their communication has increased to almost a telepathic level. No-look passes and leading passes have become commonplace for the two.  The Hawks tried to put their best defenders, Joey Hale and David Doyle, on Conner and Fox but they were only successful in slowing down the two for the first half. Fox and Conner were able to combine for 10 points in the first half but more importantly they had 12 assists and the Cougars went in at the half in the lead, 24-20. The second half had a much more wide open feel to it. The Hawks tried to full court press with considerable success. They were able to tie the score at 38 late in the third quarter. Hale and Doyle were standouts on both defense and offense in the second half combining to score a total of 26 points throughout the game but they paid the price, by the end of the game they were both dead on their feet but their spirit was still strong. The Cougars were able to take advantage of the slumping Hawks and pulled away in the last four minutes by going on a 10-2 run and sealing the win.

            “Those Hawks came to play today. We were caught off guard at first but after we settled down and took a look at their defense we were able to make some adjustments and come back at them pretty hard,” said junior guard Fergal Conner after the game. It was unusual to get a quote from one of the Cougar players, they usually do not speak to the press but as it turns out the reported was his brother, Liam Conner, who reports for this publication and Coach Wilson gave the Ok for the interview.

            The Cougars will come home next week to face the Slate Mountain Miners who are enjoying a four game winning streak of their own and are looking to knock off the league leading Cougars. The game begins at 7:00PM in the High School Gymnasium. 




Yugoslavia President Tito is invited to visit the White House by President Eisenhower and he accepts the invitation.


Dep. Soviet Premier V.M. Molotov says the United States is slandering Russia “by ascribing absurd aggressive plans in the Near and Middle East to the U.S.S.R.” “Everybody knows that the whole guilt of the Soviet people consists only in the fact that it does not conceal its sympathies and good feelings toward the peoples of this area,” said Molotov in a radio speech.


Humphrey Bogart (56) died of cancer on January 14th. He was operated on last March for cancer of the esophagus. Doctors say death was attributed to the spreading of the original cancer. Wife Lauren Bacall was at his side. They have two children - Stephen-8 and Leslie-4.


It’s cold - A record is set in New York State as the temperature dips to 55-below-zero at Booneville, in Central New York.


Three B-52 bombers fly non-stop around the world, covering 24.325 miles in 45 hours!


A 14-year-old boy’s plot to extort $500,000 from cowboy star Roy Rogers collapses. Postal inspectors said the Ohio boy admitted writing a letter to Rogers last December 22 demanding he send the $500,000 or be subjected to “moral disgrace” by the distribution to school children of “altered photographs showing him in the nude.”

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