We all love a good film and if you are anything like me you love one that is thought to provoke and challenges anything that society deems "normal". So I have compiled the following list of movies, documentaries and short films that will truly change your life.


12. G.B.F - Darren Stien (2013)

I loved GBF so much when I first saw it on Netflix but I loved it for more than it's comedic value. I love it because it makes a strong statement through comedy by saying that the idea of being friends with someone who is gay has become more of a fashion statement. The director is sending the message that gay people are people too, not accessories!

11. Break Free - Ruby Rose (2014)

Break Free by Ruby Rose got a lot of attention a while after it's release when she was cast in Orange Is The New Black but this short film, although it contains no dialogue gives an insight into the life of Trans and Bi-Gender people. It shows you that gender can be fluid and really makes you think beyond appearances.

10. Fight Club - David Fincher (1999)

We probably shouldn't talk about this one but... This film has powerful anti-consumerism messages that coincide with the emasculation of men and mental health.

9. American History X - Tony Kaye (1998)

This one was first shown to me in a film studies class. The way the camera angles and plot are used will make you question your own morals as they try and justify the actions of the neo-nazi but it is left to the audiences moral reading of the film to know what is right and wrong.

8. Secret Smile - Christopher Menaul (2005)

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a trailer  for this one but it is still on my list anyway. As a David Tenant fan, I was not used to seeing him in the role of the abuser but he did play the role very convincingly. This film is about the dangers of controlling relationships and how hard escaping from them can be.

7.  Tyrannosaur - Paddy Considine (2011)

Tyrannosaur's narrative follows the story of a man called Joseph, a characters who's is plagued by violence and a rage that is driving him to self-destruction, earns a chance of redemption that appears in the form of Hannah, a Christian charity shop worker who is suffering from abuse at the hand of her abusive husband, leading her to murder him. 

6. Straight Outta Compton - F. Gray Gray (2015)

Straight Out Of Compton's messages about the corruption of police in the USA are extremely relevant surrounding the whole, Black Lives Matter Campaigns that have been going on as black citizens are being killed in police custody.

5.  ReMoved (Part 1 & 2) - Natanael Matanick (2014)

ReMoved is the story of a girl who is taken into foster care and is passed around from one unstable home to another. It shows that abuse can be done by registered carers and that all it takes is a stable home to make the child a better person and give them a brighter future.

4. Love Is All You Need - Kim Rocco Shields (2011)

This film tried to tackle homophobia by showing people what people's lives would be like if heterosexual people were treated like homosexual people. It is shocking how much abuse they go through and this film forces you to think about that.

3.  Murdered By My Boyfriend (BBC Documentary) - Paul Andrew Williams (2014)

This Documentary is based on a true story of a woman who was trapped in an abusive relationship and didn't get out in time as all her attempts to escape him had failed.

2. The Hunting Ground (Documentary) - Kirby Dick (2015)

This documentary will open your eyes to the problem of rape in universities across the US.


1. Mockingbird Don't Sing - Harry Bromley Davenport (2001)

I first saw this film when I was 15 as part of a Child Care class when learning about the effects of abuse. I have only ever watched it once and I don't think I will ever need to again as the true story of Katie and her abusive father still haunts me to this day.


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Published by Kirsty Card