Travel is sometimes not just about the destination but also most of the time the people you bring along with you to your destinations, i mean who would want to bring a kill joy? Nobody! A kill joy just kills the mood.

So! Here are the 12 people to bring with you everytime you travel.
The Financer – Which well sometimes me and sometimes my chef friend. But yes! In traveling there is always the mandatory barkada fund (Where we put money on a bank account that has a debit card and use the money to buy tickets and pay for accommodation and shopping) and the always present solo money allowance.  But sometimes, unwanted financial circumstances happen and you’re left with nothing but a few pennies. If you’re with the Financier, then expect him to get you out of the situation with some bucks or a swipe of a card. Which makes life easier and hey you get to pay in installment or when you get home just in case that your pocket can’t take too much.

The photographer – Who wouldn’t want tons of instagram worthy shots though? Everyone wants that! Having a photographer in the group is the best thing cause this lovely friend of ours will go above and beyond just to get that perfect shot.

The Navigation System – now! Now! Well all do want to get lost most of the time just to soak up a lot of culture, right? But you see a navigator always puts you and the team on the right path and not on some scary road leading no where. He or a she? Well mostly a he finds his way back.

The  Adventure lover – See this one is a crowd favorite! The person who likes to get everyone on any type of adventure! Like what? Mountain climbing? This guy or gal has got you.

The culture savvy – now this one you gotta have with you! This guy or gal is the melting pot of cultures! You’ll just love tagging this person on trips.

The Master of Frugality – this person may not be every one’s favorite because they may think economically, but ya’ll need this person though or you’ll run out of money all together.

The YOLO buddy – now this one! YOLO is always fun though! You’ll love the YOLOness of this person, you’ll do anything and everything with this person.

The Planning Master – Spontaneous trips are something we usually do. While on a spontaneous adventure having a planner unnie can be the best addition to the squad. You’ll never worry of nothing to do! Unnie has you covered!

The Ultra Light Packer – This person is going to bring just every essential in the book! 0% excess baggage to check in or heavy luggage to pull down roads instead of enjoying the walk. The best is! They have extra room in their luggage to store things! 

The survivalist – having this person in the group will make things easy because she’ll think of out of the box ways to fix problems!
The Bi Lingual – in a non english speaking world, you’d need a person who knows different languages.

The Food Lover – Food! Food! Food! Everybody loves food! Including this person. You’ll never be hungry if you have this person in the team.

So what are we waiting for? Travel with the crew! And enjoy life cause you only live to do this once.

Published by Kimberly Anne See