Lack of physical exercise can bring a lot of health challenges to us. You need to do a lot of physical exercises to keep your body fit. When you mention the word physical exercise, a lot of people will think of difficult exercises such as visiting gyms and running. Little do they know that some of the simple tasks they engage in a daily routine are enough exercise.

Cycling may seem like a simple task but it is enough exercise. Many people do cycling for fun. However, it has several benefits such as protection from a lot of diseases. Some of the diseases that can be protected by cycling include; obesity, cancer, and high blood pressure among many others.

Here are some of the Top benefits of cycling

1. Cycling has a Low impact - Unlike other forms of exercises, cycling takes has low impact. It is difficult to get injuries while cycling. Cycling is an easy task that can be done by people of all ages. You do not need to have a lot of skills for you to cycle. While cycling, all the muscles in your body get involved.


2. Increasing your body stamina and strength – Cycling helps in increasing stigma which helps you in doing your work inefficiently. You can ride at your desired speed and that will depend on how you desire your muscles to be stretched.


3. It helps in Reducing weight – Cycling help to burn extra fats from the body system. It protects you from obesity. During cycling, your metabolic rate is raised. Due to the increased body participation, a lot of fats are broken down. Your body, therefore, is able to eliminate excess fats. Anybody who is in need of weight reduction program he/she only needs to cycle every day and also take a balanced diet.


4. Preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases – Cycling protects you from cardiovascular diseases. Lack of enough exercises leads to diseases such as high blood pressure and heart attack. While cycling, all your body muscles will be participating, hence reducing the risk of heart diseases. Heart muscles become more flexible and efficient as a result of cycling. The heart can, therefore, pump blood effectively across the whole body.


5. Cycling also reduces the chances of contracting cancer - Cancer is ranked among the top killer diseases. However, it can be prevented without incurring any cost by simply cycling every day. Currently, research has shown that cancer may occur as a result of lack of exercise. The exercise you do while cycling can prevent you from getting breast cancer and bowel cancer. It can save you from spending lots of money treating cancer.


6. Prevention from diabetes - Lack of enough exercise in your body can be a main cause of diabetes. Many people across the world are said to be in danger of contracting this disease. Cycling for about thirty minutes a day will reduce the risk of getting diabetes reasonably. This will reduce the chances of conducting this killer disease. Through cycling, you can prevent diseases occurrence and at the same time make fun and enjoy the task.


7. It improves your fitness - Once your body is fit you can save yourself from fall and structures. Your bones will also be strong and cannot easily be broken. Strong bones will enable in being perfect on how you do your daily activities. A person who cycles almost daily cannot get tired after doing an easy task.


8. It also reduces mental illness - Many people are not aware that cycling helps in reducing mental illness. Cycling requires you to pay a lot of attention. Once your mind concentrates on how to ride you end up forgetting some bad experienced you encountered during the day. A person who cycles regularly is capable of staying stress-free. Other complications such as mental illness and depression can also be relieved simply by cycling.


9. Improves spinal cord complications - Cycling does not involve foot peddling but you can also use your hands to cycle. Hand cycling is more important to people with spinal cord complications. Any person who also wants to recover from a stroke is also advised to do hand cycling.

Like the other type of cycling, hand cycling is also fun and enjoyable. By doing hand cycling, you can also get cardiovascular and aerobic benefits just like the normal cycling. It seems to be complicated and tiresome hence many fear to try hand cycling. Contrary to many people opinions, hand cycling is simple like foot cycling.


10. Improve posture and coordination - The other importance of cycling is, it improves posture as well as coordination. For you to ride a bicycle, you will be required to pay a lot of attention. The concentration you put when cycling can be transferred to other daily tasks. You will also be in a position to coordinate your work well. Fast learners know to ride within a short time compared to slow learners. Cycling can help you to improve your learning ability. It will also be easy to pay attention to when you are getting instructions.


11. Cycling is a good way of preventing or managing diseases- When you are diagnosed with some diseases, your doctor will advise you to do a lot of exercises. Tough exercise may make give up easily and fail to achieve your dreams. However, cycling can enable you to have a lot of exercise in the comfort of your bicycle. You don't need to run long distances looking for ways of how to manage your diseases. Cycling will also help to prevent attack by several diseases.


12. Cycling improves your Self-Esteem- Although exercise, in general, has many health benefits. Cycling is one way of improving self-esteem. When you get into real cycling your body releases hormones that make you feel great.


In conclusion, cycling is very important for your physical fitness. It also helps in preventing severe diseases such as cancers, arthritis, depression, obesity as well as diabetes. The good thing about riding is that it is not only healthy but also fun. It is suitable for persons from different age group.

Published by silv Watson