I can't quite believe how many miles we walked together. It has been a year since we hit our first trail, when he was a tiny little thing who fell asleep in my arms to the sound of humming birds and howling wolves. He would curl up into the nape of my neck, a little unsure about the world, and let the warmth comfort him. He has grown a lot since then, and its been a crazy couple of months. We have slept under the starry sky and played fetch underneath the northern lights. We have conquered summits and explored woods. We have hiked so much in such a short amount of time, each trip a new adventure. We always aspire to go further, to go higher, to do better. And we will not stop. Today has been challenging as we got lost following an animal trail winding down to a river. I was tired from carrying a backpack that was too heavy and Dorian was looking up at me with his twinkling eyes, waiting for something to happen. I did not know where we were or where we came from, but there was something comforting about being lost, about knowing that we were all alone in the world. We werent scared or unsure, because we both trusted each other. There were no worries crossing our minds, no urgency to get back. The only mission we had right then and there was to exist, and that is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. When adrenaline pumped through our veins and we were breathing freely with the scent of pine trees and moss surrounding us, all we had to do was exist. We kept wandering, going nowhere in particular, and paused to watch the sun set. All those vibrant colours painting the sky, liquid gold wrapping around the clouds and fiery red streaks above the mountains. I realized then that we were not worried because we were not lost; we were home. It is a wild and adventurous life we lead, Dorian. Let us never stop exploring. 


Published by Quelly And Dorian