Life is a roller coaster ride for those who live it consciously and a journey of struggle and pains for the rest.

Our miraculous mind produces more than 70 K thoughts in a day and in that we encounter several emotions. Our Aura keeps changing according to the negative and positive thoughts, like a bulb which fluctuates with high and low voltage.  

This “Aura” is like an Antivirus or a Firewall which protects you from any Evil or Negative Energies.

In a negative state of mind like fear, lust, shame, guilt etc. your Aura shrinks down, while any positive thought like recognition, love, care, passion etc. increases it. So always remember, a low Aura catches all kind of troubles and an enhanced Aura attracts strengths, possibilities and opportunities.

Our mind and body reinstates if the emotional loss is temporary, but if its long term like –breakups, not getting the desired jobs or results, any forced decisions, getting struck into darkness, living with people or place where your energies are getting sucked then the above mentioned circumstances damage the natural internal route of energy which ultimately comes out as body or organ malfunctioning.

However there are some basic symptoms through which one can identify the alarming situation before it’s too late.

 I have categorised them as The 12 SIGNS:

Very subtle yet cancerous these signs grow up on us slowly affecting us deeply and silently even before we are fully aware of them. Then one day we feel we are drowning and there is no help at sight, we are alone and doomed.

This is termed “The Boiling Frog Syndrome”, and it doesn’t let you see the dangerous aspect of the negative shift that has just entered your life.

Yet, identifying these killer symptoms early on with the help of a Life coach brings about a complete turnaround for us and not only do we start feeling better but we make a success of our lives.


  1. When you witness unexpected weight gain or loss due to change in eating habits.
  2. When you have sleepless nights or feel like drowning in Lucid State.
  3. When your decision making ability gets poor than normal.
  4. When you cry suddenly and for no reason.
  5. When you have developed habits like – smoking, drinking, sex etc. and you feel helpless quitting them.
  6. When you feel like a victim and you are not able to let go of things causing you pain and misery.
  7. When you suffer with erratic Body Pains, especially, in you back region.
  8. When you have witnessed a series of failures or struggling with your decreased performance.
  9. When you are being dragged into unnecessary fights, conflicts, arguments with your partner or spouse.
  10. When you witness unexpected losses or there are unplanned expenditures every time.
  11. When people around you are becoming insensitive and taking advantage of you.
  12. When you suffer with too much allergies.

 3 Stages of Negativity that further help us in identifying the gravity of our situation:

First Stage –it is when the problem has just begun or has disturbed or damaged only some part of your life, career, happiness or relationship. But you are anyway ready to challenge life and its struggles. You want to know your strengths and weaknesses based on your success and failures. So, you want to experiment with the negatives again. This stage is very near to the perfect positive environment, thus easy to bounce back.

Second Stage -The problem persists from a long time and a part of you has surrendered to it with a belief that nothing can be changed and everything is happening as per the Destiny.

But the other part in you, the inner child or the hopeful part keeps whispering…“get up you can still do it, don’t give up, you live only once. Give it one more try!”

This is how he keeps you kicking. The sparks and the ray of hope can still be seen from this part as its only one level down to the First Stage.

The very unique and important nature of this sphere is that you will encounter more than 50% people with these negative mind-sets. Thus, a lot of self-introspection fights and efforts will take place.

The Third stage- This is a bit disturbing stage: the sleeping mode. It generally comes in later ages where the person is surrounded with several diseases, lot of negativity, several false beliefs and concepts. The person in this stage believes now nothing can be done, fate works, and life is just a combination good and bad, but he deserves worse. His well being is totally dependent on medications or the concepts he had been living with.  The nature and its laws get lethal in this darkest zone. Here one will get more than 90% negative mind-sets. This would feel like a Zombie Zone where the others will always pull him down.

This stage is the toughest for a life coach because he has to fight with the old long dwelled concepts living inside the sub conscious mind of the person. And it’s very tough to change, rectify and correct the sub conscious programming in old age.

The matrix gives us the false picture based on our Ego, Fears, and all other Negative emotions, based on which we choose our path and that’s where we are caught. 

So the big question is: How do we heal?

 There is an abundance of energy (freely available) around you, but our bad programs won’t allow us to see, feel or use it.

To get more insight about this mechanism, please refer to my book Other Dimension secret codes of the universe”.

The DNA Healing Program –

While writing my book I experimented with different frequencies and their miraculous healing effect on different body parts.

 With this I came to know that we are born with certain negative concepts encoded in our DNA. These programs with certain other belief systems condition our mind to act differently in pressure situations.

Whether we are living a healthy life, attracting opportunities or threats, be it a short term relationship or jobs, having sufficient money or money related blocks, everything comes from within in the several formulas encoded in our DNA to attract positive or negatives changes in our lives.

With the DNA Healing Program the dormant encodings in our DNA can be activated to bring about the positive changes.

Further reinforcement of the laws of attraction can be realized with my “Sub Conscious reprogramming methods.

You can read more about Mind and its hidden Miraculous functions in my book, ‘oTHEr Dimension Secret Codes of the Universe’, which got published in US in 2018 and has got worldwide responses. Since then I have been mentoring many people from all across the globe.

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Published by Nishant Dutt