Thursday, December 13, 1956   Vol. C598



East Farewell- The rainy season seems to have replaced the snowy season this year as the temperatures have remained stubbornly above freezing for the last six weeks. The rains have dropped an estimated 2” in 36 hours and have dumped an estimated 5” in the last two weeks. If all the rain was snow, it is estimated that there would have been over 36” inches.  Luckily, there has been very little flooding. Most of the runoff is draining right into Lake Charles. The rains have not put a damper on the lighting of the Christmas tree on Lakefront Plaza. Miraculously the rains held up for the lighting ceremony last Saturday. All along Main Street and Lake Shore Drive festive lights have been strung and most of the shops and restaurants have decorated their front windows and doors. Shoppers have been scurrying between shops trying to stay dry but it has been a useless attempt and many spend the first few minutes in each store shaking off like dogs who came in from the rain.

            Although it does not feel like Christmas the spirit is in the air as people greet each other briefly on the street and there have been several reports of carolers out in between the showers. Most folks have been content to stay inside and decorate their own homes, bake Christmas pies and put the finishing touches on their Christmas trees.

Rainy Lakefront Plaza and Christmas tree




East Farewell- The Cougars smashed their way to the league championship on Saturday when then blasted the Southport Hawks out of the sky and off the field, 35-7. The blowout started early with Cougars running back and kick receiver, Davey Wilson, took the opening kickoff and ran for an eighty-five yard score. The Cougars were able to control the tempo of the game and dominated the Hawks with a strong defense that was responsible for grabbing four interceptions, three of which led to scores. The Hawks were not a bad team they were ranked third in the league but Saturday was not their day. “No matter what we tried they had an answer and we just couldn’t get started,” said Hawks Coach Vic Patrone after the game, “They played a great game, I don’t think they had one penalty and I know they did not turn it over.”

            For the record the Cougars did have one penalty called against them, offsides in the first half. Aside from that gaff they were flawless. Seniors Davey Wilson, Will ‘Tank’ Brown, Mitch ‘Merc’ Mc Master and defensive end Pat McKean led the way this game and all season. They showed true leadership skills during a very special season for the team. This is the first time a team has won 10 games in a season in the school’s history and with a 10-1 record they set a league record for wins and also for most points scored. “I am so proud of these boys, they really showed a lot of grit and really played well as a team,” said Coach Burcowitz, “The seniors carried this team and they should get special recognition for the way the taught the younger kids. They were fabulous, just fabulous.”

1956 Regional Champion Cougars



East Farewell – The seasoned Cougars basketball team has had a terrific start this year. They have played three games have won them all by eight points or more. The team has three seniors and a junior who have played together for three years now and a sophomore who played with them off the bench last year. Seniors, center Wilson Watson and the two forwards, Tom O’Hare and Billy Reilly along with junior guard, Fergal Conner have led the way with sophomore, Bobby Fox at the point guard position running the floor with an amazing amount of basketball understanding. The squad has put together three impressive victories with wins over the Central Bears, 48-40, the Corning Devils, 44-36 and the Slate Mountain Canaries, 52-38.

            This team has a lot of experience and is picked to do well, perhaps win the title this year. The only team that stands in its way is the Riverview Wildcats. The Wildcats are fielding an all senior team that has been together for all four years of the scholastic careers. Their center, Paul Kirsch, was voted to the All-State team last year and is captain of the team. The Wildcats are also 3-0 on the season.

            Next week’s game is in the Regional High School Gymnasium and begins at 4:30 on Friday afternoon.



The U.N. Assembly condemns the Soviet Union for crushing Hungarian independence and calls on Moscow to withdraw its armed forces immediately from the revolted land.  The Hungarian revolt, now in its eighth week, appears to be nearing an end with a victory by the Russians after their massive intervention on November 4th.


Indian Prime Minister Nehru is greeted by Vice-President Richard Nixon in Washington and lunches with President Eisenhower. The meeting, postponed from last June by President Eisenhower’s illness, comes at a high point in U.S.-Indian relations, following American opposition to the British-French-Israeli attack on Egypt and Nehru’s condemnation of Soviet aggression on Hungary.


U.S. Surgeon General Leroy Burney suggests that families use the holiday season to arrange polio vaccine shots for all persons under 40 years old who have not had three injections. “Vaccine protection of unprotected children may mean that some will be around happy and well at future Christmases who otherwise may be crippled or killed by polio. And parents and others under 40 years of age should arrange their own protection.”


In a Gallup Poll - President Eisenhower’s popularity remains high and improved since August

Approve - - 75% now ... 67% August

Disapprove - 15% now ... 20% August

No opinion - 3% now.... 9% August


Baseball news - Jackie Robinson is sold to the rival New York Giants by the Brooklyn Dodgers for a reported $30 thousand and Pitcher Dick Littlefield in a deal which startled Robinson. Robinson, who is 38, talked earlier of retiring. “Naturally I’m disappointed to leave Brooklyn. I’ve had wonderful years in Brooklyn, received wonderful treatment from the fans and made lasting friendships with the players. I have no hard feelings for the Brooklyn organization. The club has to protect its own best interests. It has a lot of nice young players.”



Published by JD Carroll