Friday, January 2, 1959   Vol. C705



East Farewell – The New Year strutted into East Farewell as the traditional New Year’s Parade kicked off from the Iron Works parking lot and traveled down Main Street turning on Lake Shore Drive and ending up at the Lakefront Plaza. Led by the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts the parade started at 10:00 and even though the temperature was in the upper 30s the troops marched through the slush with a surprising uniformity. This year the floats were next as many local organizations sponsored a float including the Yacht Club that rolled out its new and refurbished yacht including the very popular mermaids, the always popular N.U.D.E. organization (Nothing Until Democracy Evolves) had their own float this year, they usually marched, the Playhouse brought their float back along with the cast of its current blockbuster, “ A Christmas Carol” and the Restaurant Association rolled their wonderful sidewalk café float complete with waiters, waitresses and diners. This year the SPCA had their own float of sorts this year, they usually march also but the slushy streets made it difficult, painful and messy for the hounds to walk and the cats would never do anything like that. This year the dogs and cats rode a flatbed donated by the Iron Works. Many members of the SPCA and some local iron workers accompanied the animals and at the end of the parade many found new, happy homes. The Regional High School Marching Band brought up the end of the parade and gave a wonderful concert on the Plaza to finish off a chilly but glorious first day of a new year.

The SPCA Animal Trailer



Slate Mountain – The Cougars continued their winning ways with a convincing win over the Slate Mountain Canaries, 50-38. The Cougars were in control from the opening tip off to the closing horn. They never trailed and they were only tied once early in the second half. The “Big Three” (Hawkins, Tasker and Mitchell) took over the center of the court and were extremely effective on both offense and defense. Center Hawkins scored a personal high of 18 points and pulled down a season high 15 rebounds, he had 7 assists but that was due to the fact that he was usually finishing the plays. Tasker scored 12 points with 8 rebounds and 10 assists. Mitchell scored 8 points, grabbed 11 rebounds and assisted on 11 scores.

            The Canaries tried but were outmatched on every account. Their high scorer, Michael Silva, scored 10 points and pulled down 11 rebounds. This year is a rebuilding year for the Canaries having lost four out of five of their starters with Silva being the only returning player. The rest of the squad is mostly juniors and sophomores. There are two other seniors on the squad but they are in the sixth and eighth position on the play chart. The young squad was no match for the Cougars squad who has been showing more comfort and floor knowledge with every game.

            By the last six minutes Coach Wilson emptied his bench to give all his players some real playing time. These fellows showed composure and a great deal of ability. Walter Ferguson and Robbie O’Shea were able to score and Wendell Williams was able to score and grab the final rebound to seal the win. The Cougars and Coach Wilson showed a great deal of sportsmanship by not running up the score on the young Canaries and the Canaries coach, Bill Hunt, took note. “That showed a lot of class, I am happy for those guys and Wilson is a top notch guy. I look forward to playing them again later in the season once we get some more experience under our belt.”

            The Cougars face their biggest challenge next week when they travel to Riverview to face their rivals the Riverview Wildcats. They will play the Cats in the Riverview High Gym starting at 4:00 next Friday.



President Eisenhower signs the Proclamation of Alaska Statehood and unfurls the new U.S. Flag with 49 stars, which will become the official national emblem July 4. 

Fidel Castro’s rebels are in control of the Island of Cuba. His men have control of Havana, where fighting leaves almost 50 dead. American firms with investments in Cuba are calm and believe their holdings are safe. IT&T has about a $30 million investment in the Cuban Telephone Company… Hilton International says the firm’s new plush $24 million Havana Hilton had suffered no damage and none was expected… American & Foreign Power Co., which as a $300 million stake in the Cuban Electric Co. believes there is no damage to that property and they do not expect the property to be nationalized. Manuel Urrutia takes the oath of office as Cuba’s provisional president and names rebel hero Fidel Castro as head of the nation’s armed forces.

Russia fires a rocket towards the moon! Russia says the flight is going smoothly. But later Soviet Russian announces its 1 ½ ton cosmic rocket passed the moon on its route toward an orbit around the sun. President Eisenhower congratulates Soviet Russia on its successful launching of a space rocket.

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