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East Farewell –It seems this year will be only the second year in this decade that East Farewell does not have a white Christmas. The unrelenting heat wave has not only kept the snow off the ground but also has created an unhealthy situation with the Lake Charles water. Since the heat, which has been hovering in the mid to high 60s for most of the month, has kept the lake water warm it has led to an algae bloom in the north end of the lake. While there is no danger to humans as long as they don’t drink it does have an extremely detrimental effect on the local fish and water fowl populations. People in town seem to have mixed feelings about this unusual situation. Some are happy that days are warm and evenings were mild but some are distressed that the Christmas season is being ruined by the snow free streets and a lake that is not only not frozen but completely ice free.

            Obviously, no one has control over the weather and most people have come to accept the current situation but still there is an overall disappointment running as an undercurrent through town. The lights are strung across the streets and the trees have all been decorated. The store windows all display wonderful winter scenes and carols play through the speakers mounted outside the store front doors. People hustle to and fro with arms full of packages that are soon to end up wrapped and under the tree. Children line up to visit Santa with their lists and hopes for holiday booty and are all on their best behavior. All the churches are decorated and have posted their holiday schedules and even the police and fire departments have reached out to help those who are less fortunate. All in all the season is in full swing and the lack of snow will be just an unpleasant memory come next year so for now enjoy the season and all the goodness that comes with it. From the entire staff at the East Farewell News, Merry Christmas!

The clean streets in 1959 December in East Farewell




East Farewell – The early season of Cougars basketball has already been exciting with a solid but hard fought win over the Bears and just last week a thrilling last second victory over defending league champs, the Corning Devils, 40-38. The Devils came into the game as slight favorites and in the first half it looked like they were going win. It was close at the half, 24-20 Devils and they had played a steady controlled first half. The Cougars were certainly not defeated and had actually been the main contributors to their own undoing. They had seven turnovers and had only shot at a dismal 20%.

            The second half was different though, the Cougars came out with a renewed confidence and a much better teamwork. They immediately tied the game up and center, James Hawkins, started to take control of the inside. Both forwards, Don Tasker and Joey Mitchell also started to move better and worked together with Hawkins to establish a very strong center. Also, and more importantly, they started to hit shots. Hawkins went 4 for 4 in his first four shots and Tasker and Mitchell went 5 for 6 in the first six minutes. The Devils were a little bit back on their heels but far from defeated. Both teams went back and forth and as time was running down the Devils took a four point lead. There was only two minutes left and Cougar guard, Mack Mackenzie, tried to drive up the center. It looked like he was stopped cold by Devils forward, Dave Reynolds, when he passed behind his back to a waiting Hawkins who turned and dropped it in for the score. The Cougars pressed and got an ill-advised in bounds bounce pass and point guard, Bobby Fox, tied the game at 38. The Cougars pressed again but the Devils were able to beat the press and with 20 seconds left it looked like they were going to pull off the win. Devils point guard set up for an outside shot from about the top of the key but a very aware Hawkins made to leap from about the foul line and stretched his entire 6’3” frame up to tip the shot just enough to push it off course and fall into the arms of Don Tasker under the basket. With an amazing sense of game clarity he saw a streaking Fox headed down the court and threw a long bomb to him and Fox took the pass like a wide receiver, took one dribble and laid the ball in as time expired giving the Cougars a 40-38 win.

            “This was a real test for us,” said Coach Wilson after the game, “The Devils are a top notch group and we had our hands full. Donny (Tasker) was just great with his awareness of Foxxy (Bobby Fox) running down the court in the last seconds. Hawk (James Hawkins) was great, too. They all did a very good job tonight. I am proud of them.”

            This week’s game will be played one day later due to the Christmas holiday. The game will be played on the 26th and the Cougars will face the Slate Mountain Canaries in the Regional High Gym starting at 4:00PM.



Soviet Premier Khrushchev accepts the West’s proposal for a summit conference in Paris next spring. No comment has come from President Eisenhower due to the holiday, but Paris, London and Bonn expressed satisfaction the Premier had replied favorably to the idea of an East-West summit meeting to settle outstanding issues of the cold war.

Cuban army firing squads executed two counter-revolutionaries in Pinar del Rio. They were the first death sentences to be carried out in six months.  Also in Cuba, Prime Minister Castro’s government took over all henequen- sisal fiber plantations owned by Cubans and announced Cuba’s vast sugar fields will be seized next. U.S. companies own or control 2 million acres of Cuban sugar lands.

The FAA places the age limit on airline pilots at 60 - effective March 15. The agency said it was necessary in the age of jet aircraft that carry up to 165 passengers at 550 mph.

Alligator bags top the Christmas list for ladies. Cashmere sweaters come in second. Alligator bags cost an average of $175, while Cashmere sweaters cost an average of $75.

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