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East Farewell - As 1957 draws to a close it is time for the East Farewell News “Year in Review” 1957 was an exciting year with many memorable events. The year started with a much appreciated snowfall and a surprise appearance of the snow sculptures on the Lakefront Plaza. The Valentine’s Day dance was moved to a new location to support the much larger turnout and turned out to be another great hit. The “new” Flower Show was eagerly and excitedly opened and ran with great reviews from everyone attending. A new look for the Lakefront Plaza as well as a cleanup of the city dump were proposals on the record in the early spring. The Easter egg hunt on the Lakefront Plaza attracted many young hunters and was a huge success. Speaking of successes, both the Memorial Day Parade and the bicycle race proved to be both wonderful and fun for all. No one will forget the explosion of Lou’s Deli in the early summer, Lou has since rebuilt and is open for business once again. The fireworks display was a blast. The Second Annual Sailboat Race drew big crowds from out of town and looks like it will become an annual event. The Second Annual Swim Across the Lake along with the Second Annual Golf Tournament were only part of the summer fun that included the Third Annual Hotdog Eating Contest and the Barbecue Cook-off on Lakefront Plaza. The now traditional Music and Arts Fair hosted huge crowds and as the summer wound down the beloved Travelers finished their season without a title but a respectable 40–10 record. Everyone was shocked at the train robbery in early September and the robbers are still at large but the FBI has been engaged. In the fall the Soviet launch of Sputnik put everyone on edge but the Farmers Market and a wonderful Oktoberfest seemed to soothe everyone’s fears as well as the Science Club’s first blast off somewhat reassured folks that the US is not lagging in science minded students. The Thanksgiving Day Parade saw Santa Claus enter Boyles using the Fire Departments new extension ladder engine and new Christmas lights glowed across Main Street bringing the Christmas season to full bloom. To close out the year, a Christmas Carol, the favorite show from the Playhouse Productions opened with newcomer to East Farewell but well known movie star, James Mason taking the lead as Scrooge. In the closing weekend the Winter Social made a comeback and was a giant success and talk of making it permanent abounded. Next week will usher in 1958 and the promise of a new year will be greeted with the East Farewell traditional parade.



Slate Mountain- The Cougars went on a road for the first time this season and traveled up to Slate Mountain to take on a very strong Canaries team. The Cougars were unable to match the Canaries strong offense and suffered their first defeat of the season, 40-48. The Canaries got off to a quick start taking a 10 to 2 lead and led the entire first half with only two instances of the Cougars’ being able to tie the game. The Canaries lead at the half 26-20. The second half was better for the Cougars as they were to able to close the gap and even take a brief lead at 36-34 but were unable to hold on as the Canaries continuously attacked. Center Dave McGill had his hands full with Canaries center, Larry DiSanto, as DiSanto had almost 2 inches on McGill. Regardless, McGill played a tough game but ended up fouling out in the last two minutes. The Cougars backcourt made up of junior Bobby Fox and senior Fergal Connor were also challenged by a strong defense thrown up by the Canaries. The Cougars tried several different approaches, at one point speeding up the game and another throwing up a full court press. Neither approach worked well enough to stop the Canaries. By the time McGill had fouled out in the last two minutes the Canaries were in a commanding position, leading 46 to 40. Substitute center, Walter Ferguson, was able to slow down DiSanto but the damage had already been done. The Canaries added one last basket on a wild half court, last second shot by canaries sub, Ernie DeAngelis. “It was just a lucky shot and I know they weren’t trying to rub it in. The kid was a substitute and took his chance when he saw it. That was just icing on the cake for them and kind of summed up our frustration with the afternoon,” said Coach Wilson after the game.

The Cougars stay on the road next week as they travel to Riverview to play the Wildcats for the first time this season. The Wildcats are also rebuilding this year having lost four of their five starters to graduation. The game will begin at 4:30 on Friday afternoon in the Riverview gymnasium.



President Eisenhower spends a quiet, but merry Christmas at home in the White House with his immediate family. The Chief Executive appearing rested after his grueling trip to the Paris NATO conference, devoted the early part of the day to “just taking it easy.”

President Eisenhower approves a four-year billion dollar program of Federal aid to education designed mainly to bring the country abreast of Russia in the production of scientists.

Communist East Germany imposes travel restrictions on allied civilians including diplomats traveling in and out of Berlin. And effective Jan. 1, travelers must have East German instead of Soviet visas.

At the movies -

Legend of the Lost - John Wayne, Sophia Loren, Rossano Brazzi

All At Sea - Alex Guinness

Sayonara - Marlon Brando

Walt Disney’s Old Yeller


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