Thursday, December 27, 1956   Vol. C600



East Farewell – As the year 1956 comes to a close let us look back on the year past. 1956 started with the now traditional snow sculptures on Lake Front Plaza. That tradition is in danger of being broken in 1957 due to the unusually warm weather. Unless there is a dramatic turn in both the temperature and precipitation there will not be any sculptures on Lakefront Plaza. The Valentine’s Day Dance was a big hit as was the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. One of the biggest stories of 1956 was the story of the Flower Show or the lack there off. Miss Monica Shippensport got herself tangled up in a torrid affair with the ne’er-do-well, Romando who absconded with her heart and the Flower Show funds. While Romando remains at large, Miss Shippensburg on parole and working to pay back the funds.

            The ‘Race Around the Lake’ was a big hit and looks like it will have a long run. It looked for a little while in the spring that the Iron Works would not have that long of a run but things were turned around when the Mighty Keystone railroad committed to a long term rail contract. The Playhouse had a fantastic year with sold out performances of Guys & Dolls, Paint Your Wagon, Oklahoma and of course the Christmas classic that is still running, A Christmas Carol.

            The Fourth of July fireworks were the biggest explosions of the year but not the only ones. The explosion at the Lou’s Deli not only leveled the Deli but knocked out power to the whole block for three days. Almost miraculously there was only one injury, the infamous Miss Monica Shippensburg. A flying ham hock was to blame but her injuries were minor. Lou has rebuilt and the Deli plans to open early in the New Year. The summer also saw the first sailboat race around the lake as well as the Hot Dog Eating Contest and the annual cookout on the plaza. All were great fun.

            The Circus came to town one last time, due to rising costs the owners said this would be its last year. They will be sorely missed. The Thanksgiving Day Parade raised everyone’s spirits and Baxter the dog saved the day when bears wandered into town. The weather has been the talk of the town lately with daytime temperatures hovering in the mid-September range things have not seemed very winter like but everyone is enjoying the nice days by walking down the sidewalks in shirtsleeves. It is a very unusual situation to say the least.   



East Farewell- The 5th Annual Christmas Tournament is well underway and has moved to the finals that will pit the Cougars against their league rival, Riverview. The Cougars and Wildcats meet two times in the regular season and each game is a battle. So far this season the Wildcats have won the first meeting last week by one point, 45-44.

            In the tournament, the brackets have been printed below, the Cougars started strong with a win over the Fort Lee Captains, 48-44. In the other opening games the Wildcats prevailed over Philadelphia’s Central, 52-50, the Bears lost to Pittsburgh’s Tyrone, 48-43 and the Miners blasted the Hawks, 50-38. In the second round the Cougars prevailed over Tyrone in overtime, 56-52 and the Wildcats squeaked by the Miners, 40-39. The final game between the Cougars and the Wildcats is scheduled for Saturday afternoon at 4:00. The consolation game between Tyrone and the Miners will be played Saturday morning starting at 10:00AM.

            The Cougars return to their regular schedule next week when they travel to Fort Lee to play the Captains at 4:00PM Friday afternoon.

5th Annual Christmas Tournament



Merry Christmas - Christmas was a family day at the White House with President and Mrs. Eisenhower’s grandchildren the stars. Maj. John Eisenhower, the President’s son, his wife Barbara, and their four youngsters drove to the executive Mansion from Ft. Belvoir.


Pope Pius XII gives his Christmas Day blessing at noon to 20,000 cheering worshipers gathered in the huge square in front of St. Peters Church.


The Suez Canal trouble looks to be the biggest 1956 story. That is followed by: The Presidential election, Hungary’s revolt against Russian rule, Racial integration, Sinking of the Andrea Doria, Airliners collide over the Grand Canyon, De-Stalinization, President Eisenhower’s Ileitis operation, Polish riots, The Parris Island death march and the court-martial of Marine Sgt. Matthew McKeon.


President Eisenhower is again the overwhelming choice of Americans as the most admired man in the world. He’s followed by: Sir Winston Churchill, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Adlai E. Stevenson, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Pope Pius XII,

Dag Hammarskjold, Billy Graham, Dr. Jonas Salk


In the Gallup Poll - Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt is again the first choice of Americans as the woman they admire most in the world today. She is followed by: Mrs. Clare Boothe Luce, Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower, Miss Helen Keller, Queen Elizabeth, Miss Helen Hayes, Mme. Chiang Kai-Shek, Mss Kate Smith, Miss Marian Anderson, Princess Grace of Monaco.


RCA lost $6.9 million in pioneering color-TV but says it will be profitable in 1957. The company sold 102,000 color sets in 1956 and it looks like sales in 1957 might go as high as 250,000 sets.


Published by JD Carroll