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East Farewell – 1959 is coming to a close and it is time to take a look back at this past year. The highlights in town are many and the town overall has made great progress in improving the Transit System and the lighting on Main Street and Lakeshore Drive. The Lakefront Plaza has had a facelift, too. Here are some other highlights from 1959;

            In January a giant snowstorm could not smother the Grillers on Lakefront Plaza or the snow sculptures enthusiasm. Today’s warmth may have been desired by many in town during January and February of 1959, both months were in the high rankings of snow and ice accumulation. That mess did not stop the fans over the Valentine’s Day dinner dance where Peg O’Malley won for the third time with her always popular and much sought after semi-sweet four layer cake. She also had the dubious honor of receiving the “cake in the face” prize. The ice and snow did finally give way in time for the fabulous Flower Show that was a tremendous success and committee chair, Donna Silverman, was once again the rose in the bouquet. April brought with it an amazing Regional High School senior prank of placing an entire silo on the football field arguably better than the “move the trolley car to behind the Iron Works” prank from the 1958 seniors. Spring also saw the blooming of a Public Transit romance and the fabulous Spring Fair. The Playhouse announced its new student theater plays and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the new group. The “Race Around the Lake” kicked off the summer and the Sailboat Race and “Swim Across the Lake” kept up the summer fun. The golf tournament was hampered by rain but that did not put a damper on the golfer’s determination to play and finish. The Music and Arts Fair & Farm Show was another enormous success and brought the spectacular summer to an end. The ghouls took over Main Street on Halloween and the wonderful Thanksgiving Day Parade opened the holiday season with its usual flair. The Regional High Cougars football team took the championship with a very impressive 10-2 season. As the year wound down some classic East Farewell traditions opened again. “A Christmas Carol” opened as the last presentation of the year by the Playhouse. Finally in a strange meteorological twist the town experienced its first non-white Christmas since 1954. In an even stranger meteorological twist the temperature dropped by 40 degrees overnight and winter roared into town so it looks like the year will end with the normal frost on the window and fire in the fireplace. East Farewell says goodbye to the 50s and welcomes in the 60s. Happy New Year!

East Farewell 1959-1960



East Farewell – The Cougars did not let the Christmas holiday fun throw off their concentration as they met the Slate Mountain Canaries on the day after Christmas. The game was played in the Regional High Gym and since it was holiday and the game started at 4:00 the gym was packed. The Cougars came into this game with high expectations. The Canaries are a young team and have been having a little trouble getting their team coordination. They are 0-2 in the young season. The Cougars on the other hand are 2-0 and have played two strong games that have strengthened their teamwork.

            The game started off with the Cougars taking an early lead and controlling the pace of the game. Leading 15-9, the Cougars looked like they were going to walk away with the game. But the Canaries came to life and with only one minute left in the first half were able to pull within 2 points, 24-22. The first half ended with Cougars on top, 26-22, but a little less sure of a blowout. The second half showed a hyped up Slate Mountain team that opened with a full court press and they were able to tie the game at 28 all. Cougars coach Wilson called a time out and had a talk with the team. That was all that was needed. The Cougars went on an eight point scoring run with center James Hawkins taking complete control of the center and scoring 6 of the 8 points. The game turned into a runaway when Canaries lead scorer, Bert Breenan, fouled out with three minutes left. The Canaries had a very difficult time scoring after that and the Cougars did not. With two minutes left Coach Wilson emptied the bench and with 10 point lead the younger players did a very good job of protecting the lead and team and school favorite, senior Walter Ferguson, score his first points of the season. Ferguson has been on the team for his entire high school career but has never started. He has said often when asked that he is completely fine being the sixth, seventh or even eighth man coming in off the bench. “I am just interested in helping the team win. Whatever I can do, in practice or in the games, if I can help the team I am happy,” he said when asked earlier.

            Next week the Cougars go on the road to Riverview. This could be a test for the team as the Wildcats are undefeated so far this year and are picked to be one of the top contenders for the crown this year. The game will be played on January 2nd due to the New Year’s holiday. The game will begin at 4:00 1/2/1960 at the Riverview High Gymnasium.



Nelson A. Rockefeller - Governor of New York, backs out of the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. His decision hit the political community like a bombshell. Across the country, politicians reacted with dismay, delight or were just plain stunned. No reason was given for the decision.

Eleven “pilgrims” leave Seattle to establish a colony in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands in the Pacific. The group is the forerunner of about 100 families from the U.S. who are expected to settle there by late next year. The families paid $2,500 to the Island Development Company for the privilege of going native. The colonists plan to raise coffee, cocoa and bananas and fish for lobster, tuna and shrimp on 64,000 acres, including a coffee plantation and refrigerating plan.

Eleanor Roosevelt tops the most admired woman list of 1959. Runners-up in the poll conducted by George Gallup (in order): Mamie Eisenhower, Queen Elizabeth, Clare Boothe Luce, Helen Keller, Mme. Chiang Kai-shek, Pat Nixon, Senator Margaret Chase Smith, Dinah Shore, Princess Grace and Princess Margaret.

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