Thursday, January 23, 1958   Vol. C656



East Farewell- The fairly new tradition of building snow sculptures on Lakefront Plaza took an interesting twist this year. The semi-art event, which took place last year as an unscheduled, impromptu event due to the Town Council’s reluctance to sponsor the event, again was not sponsored by the Council but that rogue attitude seemed to breathe a bit of reckless abandon into the whole event. The twist this year was that the artists had gathered last week on Lakefront Plaza and started their work, but then an enormous snowball fight broke out and almost all the sculptures were destroyed for ammunition. The snowball fight was reported last week in this paper and once the shenanigans had settled down the artists returned to the Plaza and had to start all over again. Undaunted as many as eighteen artists along with a plethora of high school “assistants” (really, they were leftovers from the snowball fight) plied up, dug out, carved and created some of the most interesting sculptures that the event has ever seen. This year outer space and rocket ships were the general, overall theme. There were several rocket ships, blasting off, in flight and one landing on what can only be guessed at as the moon or Mars. Long time sculpture and organizer, Bernie Talbot, outdid his last year creation of a beautiful snow queen with an enormous rocket blasting off headed to an oversized moon. Another favorite was a giant moon with a “man-in-the-moon” face carved into it. Some spectators suggested that the face resembled Tom Connelly, Town Council president. The sculpture, Alice Mahoney said she was not trying to portray the president, in fact she said she didn’t even know what he looked like. “I wouldn’t recognize him if I bumped into him on the street,” said Mahoney when asked.

            In keeping with the unorganized nature of the event there were no prizes given out and only popular judgment was the deciding factor in the winner. The results were varied, depending on what time of day or evening you took the poll. During the day Talbot’s blastoff was most popular but in the evening Mahoney’s Man-in–the-Moon won out, maybe because she placed a light inside the sculpture making it a bit of a Jack-o-Lantern drawing oohs and ahhs from the crowd. Folks were also treated to several restaurants set up tables and served hot snacks and coco. The sculptures have been left on the Plaza and will eventually melt away, unless of course there is another snowball fight.


Snow sculptures on Lakefront Plaza 1958




Slate Mountain – The league leading Slate Mountain Miners hosted the first meeting of the season between the league leading teams and the home court advantage may have had some effect on the Cougars causing them to lose their second game in as many games last Friday night. The Miners played very strong defense and were able to take advantage of the Cougar’s replacement center, sophomore Jamie Hawkins, to win 36-32. The crowd was decidedly pro-Miners and was very loud throughout the game and their ruckus seemed to have an effect on Hawkins who had to sit out almost the whole third quarter with four fouls.  “Hawk was rattled by the crowd. They threw some pretty mean taunts at him and he took it out on the court, drawing fouls. He is still young and this was the first time he ever encountered this kind of abuse. He will learn from it and promised me he won’t let it happen again,” said Coach Wilson after the game.

            Aside from Hawkins dilemma, the Cougars played a fairly good game with the backcourt showing very strong signs of developing into a pair that will present some problems for other teams later in the season. Both Fox and Conner showed greatly improved communication skills as they worked together to beat a tight Miners press and both score in double figure (10 and 12, Fox and Conner) and almost earn double s in assists ( 9 and 10, respectively).

            The Miners took an early lead, 14-6, but the Cougars patiently whittled away to tie it up at the half, 22 all. In the second half both teams stepped up their defense and even with Hawkins out the Cougars were able to hold the Miners to only 14 points. Unfortunately, the Cougars were held to 10 points.

            The Cougars come home next week and face the Central Bears. They have already played the Bears and won convincingly, 40-32. Center Dave McGill may be able to play but Coach Wilson would not make any promises. “We are waiting to see how things go, we are not going to push this kid, besides Hawk is doing better than anyone thought and I am comfortable with him in there,” said Wilson after the game.

The game begins at 7:00PM in the Regional High Gymnasium. There will be a JV Game before, beginning at 3:45PM.



An Atlas ICBM takes off from Cocoa Beach, but the flight was not terminated normally. This followed two consecutive ICBM successful test firings over a limited range.

A military transport and a Navy patrol bomber collide in mid-air of Norwalk, near Los Angles. 47 are dead.

United Nations Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold says that he had been invited to visit Moscow, presumably to discuss United Nations affairs involving the Soviet Union. Among them is disarmament. He hopes to go in the spring.

Steve Allen is heading to the West coast and will originate his next two Sunday night shows from Hollywood.

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