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East Farewell – The town woke up on Wednesday morning to a beautiful blanket of snow that covered the town overnight. The first snowfall of the season is considered the most beautiful and most welcome. This snow fall was more than a dusting it totaled about an inch and got people scrambling to break out their winter equipment. All the stores and restaurants in town had their sidewalks cleared by noon and were open for business. The Regional High School did not cancel or postpone classes and the bus routes were running as usual. Even the afternoon outdoor activities were held as the field was cleared during the day. After school there were several enterprising groups out roaming around the area trying to raise some extra cash by clearing local sidewalks and driveways. “This was not a big storm but snow is kind of wet which makes it heavy. This is a tough way to begin the shoveling season. We like it more when there is a lighter snow first, that way we can work into the shoveling,” said a shovel carrying youth who was just finishing Mallard’s Boarding House sidewalk and driveway.

            The Christmas lights have been hung across Main Street and Lakeshore Drive and they give the new snow a magical appearance at night. It is a wonderful scene to look down Main Street at dusk and watch the lights come up over the newly fallen snow. Evening strolls are back in fashion as Mother Nature has officially opened the holiday season in East Farewell.


Christmas Lights on Main Street




East Farewell _ The Gimmick Bow has a four year history and has become a beloved part of Cougars football lore. Coach Burcowitz and Fort Lee Captains Coach King have been friends since their player days at the University of Pennsylvania and when they both became coaches at rival Mid-State League teams they remained close and often consulted with each in the off season. Back in 1954 the two coaches and their respective teams met for the first time. At that time both teams were out of contention for any title consideration and it is rumored that the coaches met at the Lost Oasis in East Farewell the night before the game and made a gentleman’s bet that one coach could out do the other with the most outrageous play or series of plays. The game the next day was a wild and incredibly fun game that had a very competitive edge. The most outrageous football plays were attempted and some actually succeeded. Statue of Liberty plays, hidden ball plays and a plethora of fakes, stunts and plain old laterals after the pass were the staple of the game. This set the standard for the “Gimmick Bowl” and every year from then on the two teams have looked forward to the late season shenanigans and the coaches have had a blast developing new, more outrageous plays to spring on their opponents.

            This year was only a little different. The Cougars are sitting in first place in the league and the game may not chill the enthusiasm. Both teams rolled out their newest developments including underhanded forward passes and dubious lateral passes that drew flags from a somewhat bemused refereeing corps. One of the highlights of the game for the Captains was a safety scored, their first of the season, that was accomplished by tackling the usually unstoppable Robbie Blackman in the Cougars own end zone after he tried to catch a pitchout from QB Kevin Dugan. The low point for the Captains was a missed extra point after a brilliant drive that included a three way pass, lateral, hand-off and a quarterback sneak fake that turned into an end run for the score. On the Cougars side there were sneaky plays galore but their highlight was a record setting field goal by Sammy Regalia. He was able to kick an amazing 43 yard field goal. It amazed everyone, including Regalia. After all the showboating and fun the Cougars walked of the field with a 10-8 win.

            After the game the two teams met in the middle of the field for a lot a back slapping and handshakes. Both Coaches met and in a surprise announcement Coach King announced that he had accepted a new coaching position with an out of league team. This seemed to effectively end the “Gimmick Bowl”  “We had a great run, a whole lot of fun and I think the boys learned a thing or two. I am going to miss this game but I want to wish Coach King all the best in his new endeavor,” said Coach Burcowitz after the announcement.

            The Cougar travel to Slate Mountain to finish the season against their arch rivals, the Slate Mountain Miners. A win by the Cougars could clinch a league championship. The Cougars beat the Miners in the first game of the season, 14-7 at home. This game the Cougars will have to travel to Slate Mountain. The game is an afternoon game and will be played at Slate Mountain High Field beginning at 4:30PM.



President Eisenhower lands in Rome - the first stop on his 11-nation “mission of peace and goodwill.” “I hope to make widely known America’s deepest desire – a world in which all nations may prosper in freedom, justice and peace, unmolested and unafraid. “I hope to make widely known America’s deepest desire – a world in which all nations may prosper in freedom, justice and peace, unmolested and unafraid. In Rome, President Eisenhower assures President Gronchi that he will sympathetically plead Italy’s case for inclusion to any western or East-West summit meeting dealing European security and disarmament.

Sen. Thomas Hennings Jr. (D-Mo.) said his Senate subcommittee on juvenile delinquency found smuggled Mexican marijuana a root factor in widespread youthful gang violence.

Soviet Premier Khrushchev boasts again of enough nuclear rockets to raze all his foes, and declares world disarmament must be solved along with the Berlin question.

 In a Gallup Poll - an overwhelming majority of Americans would like to see the temporary agreement with Russia to ban nuclear weapons tests continued.

Sam the monkey survives a space flight by NASA to test escape equipment. Sam was launched 55 miles into space atop an eight-engine Little Joe rocket from Wallops Island, VA. His capsule successfully separated from the booster, parachuting into the Atlantic - 200 miles from shore.

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