Thursday, January 24, 1957   Vol. C604



East Farewell – One of East Farewell’s premier lake front homes went up in flames on Monday. The beautiful log cabin style home of Herbert Hancock from Philadelphia was completely gutted by fire on Monday night. Luckily the home was empty at the time. The fire was reported at 7:30 AM by a local paperboy who was delivering papers in the area. He rode back into town, about a half mile to alert the police and fire department. The Fire trucks scrambled and were on the scene by 10:00but were hindered by the unplowed snow in front on the house’s driveway. It is not unusual to have driveways to summer homes unplowed, it is considered by some to be a security measure and others as a point of fact that no one is there so no one has to get in. After the trucks were able to get close enough to start fighting the fire they ran into another problem, the water was freezing on the ground making the area very slippery and dangerous. Finally, after about two hours, the firefighters were able to bring the blaze under control, a key being the ability of the firefighters to tap into the lake to draw much more water than their water trucks were able to supply. The house was not a total loss but it was severely damaged and Mr. Hancock, who arrived the next day, said he was going to repair and rebuild.

            Mr. Hancock praised the local firefighters and went to the firehouse to thank them individually. He was very grateful for their dogged determination is subduing the fire and saving the house, even though it was damaged almost beyond repair. Mr. Hancock said the area would remain sealed off until the spring when repair crews could get in and truly evaluate the situation. “I love this town and I love the lake and I love my house, I am not going anywhere. We are going to rebuild whatever the cost. We couldn’t leave, it would be like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube,” said Hancock as he surveyed the damage to his property on Lake Shore Drive.       

Hancock house on fire



East Farewell- The Cougars came home to a packed house on Friday night and played a tough game against a determined opponent, the Slate Mountain Miners. Both teams were enjoying winning streaks, the Cougars with two including that impressive tournament win in January and the Miners with four straight. The Cougars had the technical advantage with a height advantage in their center Wilson Watson at 6’6’ and their forwards, seniors Tom O’Hare and Billy Reilly both over 6 feet. The Miners center, Joe Randelli, stands 6’5” but is only a sophomore and Wilson, a senior, had not only a height advantage but also an experience advantage. The game started off with the Cougars jumping out to an eight point lead but the Miners battled back and by the end of the first quarter they held a slim lead 16-14. The teams see-sawed back and forth throughout the second quarter and at the half the game was tied 24 apiece. In the second half Wilson was able to out duel Randelli and take control of the inside. This combined with a strong showing by the forwards playing a pick and roll game freeing up one or the other to shoot. As the last five minutes started the Cougars held a small lead 30-28. Both teams started to work for the perfect shot and committed turnovers in doing so. Within the last five minutes there were six turnovers, two by the Cougars and four by the Miners. The last minute started with the Cougars on top by two but Randelli was able to fake left and go right on Wilson and score, tying the game at 32. The Cougars, with only 20 seconds left, inbounded the ball against a strong press but an uncommon error by Billy Fox turned the ball over and the Miners had a chance to take the lead. Miner guard, Tony Delgado, launched a long outside shot that bounced off the rim and into Wilson’s hands. Wilson was able to turn and fire the ball to a streaking Fox who drove the length of the court and laid the ball up and in for the lead, 34-32, with only 2 seconds on the clock. The Miners were able to inbound the ball but the almost full court shot attempt by Randelli hit the rim and bounced harmlessly off to the side as the horn sounded.

            “That was a close one, those boys came to play tonight,” said Coach Wilson after the game, “They gave us a run for our money but I think our experience was the deciding factor in this one. Wilson, Reilly and O’Hare were just too good for them tonight. They just had a better court awareness tonight. Those Miner kids were great, though, we might have had a different outcome if they had been together longer.”

            The Cougars face the Central Bears next week at home again. The Bears have been struggling this year but they are capable of playing a strong game having taken the Riverview Wildcats down to the last minute before losing on a last second shot. The Bears come into the Gymnasium and the game starts in the afternoon at 4:30.



Dwight D. Eisenhower is sworn in a president on the steps of the Capitol. He was actually sworn-in the day before in private. Reports say he looked solemn - rarely cracking a smile. His inaugural address was about the danger inherent in the world situation. “We live in a land of plenty, but rarely has this earth known such peril as today. This is your home - yet this is not the whole of our world. For our world is where our full destiny lies with men of all peoples and nations who are or would be free. And for them, and so for us, this is no time of ease or rest.”


In Monte Carlo - Princess Grace Kelly gives birth to a daughter. A 21-gun salute announced the arrival of Princess Caroline Louise Marguerite - first child of reigning Prince Rainier III and the Hollywood star. John B. Kelly, the father of Grace Kelly in Philadelphia, said,   “Oh, shucks, I wanted a boy. That’s six girls now.” Had the child been a boy - he would have received a 101-gun solute. The State Department ruled that Grace Kelly’s baby would be an American citizen - contrary to a ruling by Prince Rainier that the girl will be “uniquely” Monegasque.


Columbia University English instructor Charles Van Doren ups his winnings to $122,000 this week on the quiz show “Twenty-One.” He’s received thousands of letters from all over the country including 500 marriage proposals.


RCA announces price cuts up to 40% on all 45rpm EP (extra play) albums! ... 1 Record 45 EP album - was $1.49 - now only $1.29 ... 2 Record 45 EP albums - were $2.98 - now only $2.49! ... Also - get 10 Harry Belafonte records for just $5.00 - 39 hits on ten 45 EP’s in “The Best Of Belafonte” album, plus 15 page booklet when you buy any RCA Victor Automatic 45 “Victoria.” “Now more than ever, 45 is just your speed for enjoying the world’s greatest artists, the world’s truest sound. Start the 45 habit today, with this special introductory offer.”


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