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East Farewell – An odd weather inversion has settled in over East Farewell and almost spring like weather in being experienced area. By this time there is usually at least a covering of snow and the temperatures have been well below freezing for two weeks. This year the average temperature for the past month has been hovering around 53 degrees which is almost 20 degrees above the normal for this time of year. The weather forecast for the coming days does not contain any significant cooling and the prospect for a white Christmas is in jeopardy. “It has never been like this before,” said Natalie Mallard, local resident, “You can’t get into the Christmas spirit and this is the only time of year that I can tolerate the cold because it is Christmas.”

            The Nation Weather Service put out a forecast for the area last week that detailed a high pressure zone that is sitting squarely over the entire valley. It seems to have settled in and blocking the cold Canadian air with help from the mountains to the west. Usually the Canadian low pressure sweeps in pushing the warm air to the south and keeping it down there for the winter but this year there seems to be an inversion that has drawn the southern warm air up and held the Canadian cold up north. The inversion may stay in place for the next week and even then as the cold weather makes an entrance it will take time for the area to cool down. This is the first time in anyone’s memory that Lake Charles is not frozen. The lake is usually at least partially frozen by now and in a surprising twist there were boats out on the lake last weekend.

            While it seems very strange to see roses blooming on the Lakefront Plaza there is still a lot of Christmas spirit around town. There may be no snow and freezing temperatures but there is still a very happy and warm feeling coming from the people on the streets and in the shops and restaurants.

Flowers blooming by Lake Charles 12/1/1956




East Farewell – The yearly game between the Regional High School Cougars and the Fort Lee Captains has become known as the “Gimmick Bowl” thanks to rival coaches and long time friends Couch Burcowitz for the Cougars and Coach King for the Captains who have consistently come up with more outlandish and convoluted plays each year to try and confound the other team. Double and triple reverses, Statue of Liberty plays along with laterals and double pitches have become standard fare for the game. This has pushed the game into almost mythical status with great highlights being remembered time and again around the dinner tables and in the school hallways. The game this year did not disappoint the fans as both coaches drew up some outrageous plays and both teams executed them with what can only be described as flamboyant vigor.

            The game started with an unusual coin toss. Instead of the team captains meeting at the center of the field both entire teams walked onto the field. The referees proceeded with the explanation and at the coin toss the entire Fort Lee team said, in unison, “Heads” the coin fell to the ground and ended tails. The entire Cougars teams deferred and chose the south end to defend. Both teams ran off to their respective sides and then set up for kick-off. The spirit of the game was evident from the first kickoff. The Cougars lined up with ten men on the front line and kicker, David Galloway, approached the ball at full speed and right before he made contact running back Davey Wilson, who had lined up right next to the ball kicked it off the tee with a soccer style kick that send the ball bouncing haphazardly down the field with the entire Cougar team in chase. The Captains seemed confused at first but regained their composure in time to grab the ball and recover at their own 35 yard line.

            The Captains first play was a triple reverse ending with the ball back in quarterback, Johnny Taylor’s hands and he threw a 23 yard, cross field pass to wide receiver Tom Kean who gained ten yards after the catch. The Cougars defense stiffened up held the Captains to try a 22 yard field goal. The attempt was a fake and the Cougars were not fooled and were able to hold the Captains for only a two yard gain and take control. On their first play the Cougars ran a play that no one had ever seen before. It can only be described as a double Statue of Liberty play. After taking the hike quarterback, Bill Dolan dropped back and cocked his arm to pass. Then running back, Davey Wilson ran behind him taking the ball off his hand and swept out to the right and then cocked his arm as if to throw down field, but then halfback, Billy Reilly ran behind him and grabbed the ball off his hand and tossed it across the field to a waiting Mitch “Merc” McMaster who was able to scamper 30 yards for a first down. The play took so long to unfold that the entire Captains team was spread out across the field and it took almost 30 seconds to get everyone lined back up. Things settled down a little after that but the Cougars were able to drive down to the 15 yard line where kicker Dave Galloway was able to connect and put the cougars on the board.

            The game went back and forth with each team trying a gimmick play at least once a drive. The sideways hikes and triple laterals were fun to watch but not having practiced them to any degree many turned into fumbles, dropped balls or worse turnovers. The first half ended in a tie 3-3.

            The second half started with the Cougars pulling off a triple lateral on the kickoff that was able to take the ball out to the fifty. The next play was a straight forward long pass play the seemed to catch the Captains off guard. They were expecting a gimmick play and were caught flat footed as “Merc” McMaster raced by the safety and was able to score after catching a 15 yard pass from Dolan. Galloway made the extra point and the Cougars held a 10-3 lead. The play settled down a bit in the third quarter but in the fourth the Captains executed a wonderful pass, catch, lateral with an end run by tight end Fred Sherman for a score. The Captains then tried a two point conversion but were stymied by a smothering Cougars defense. As the game wore down the Captains tried one last wild play that included two laterals, a screen pass and a long bomb that ultimately end as an incomplete pass. The Cougars were victorious 10-9.

            After the game both coaches held a conference and congratulated each other on a game well played. They have a long friendship that goes back to the days when they played together on the same team at the Academy in Philadelphia. “While the game counts, it is always a bigger challenge to outdo Coach King with the most outrageous play possible, this year I think they may have got us with the last play but since it was incomplete we won. But it was all fun and both teams looked great,” said Coach Burcowitz after the game.

            The Cougars get back to reality next week when they play the Southport Hawks. If they win they will be the league champs with an outstanding record of 10 and 1. The last time they won the championship was in 1952. Next week’s game begins at 3:30 on the Regional High Field.



A Brooklyn pier fire burns into a mountain of explosive cargo touching off a tremendous blast. Nine persons are killed and 247 are injured. The shock radiated 35 miles from the explosion. Windows were shattered as far away as five miles.


President Eisenhower gives the signal to ship 500,000 barrels of oil daily to Western European countries facing critical shortages because of the Mideast crisis.


The Supreme Court lets stand a decision requiring “prompt” admission of Negro students to the Mansfield (Tex.) High school Rioting occurred at the opening of the school term last September, but the appearance of Texas Rangers ended the disturbance.


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The Rainmaker - Burt Lancaster, Katharine Hepburn

Curucu- Beast of the Jungle

The Teahouse of the August Moon - Marlon Brando, Glenn Ford, Machiko Kyo


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