Whether you are taking a ship, plane, bus, or train there are plenty of things to do to pass the time.

1.Watch a movie or show- If you have a type of mobile device you can download your own things to watch, if you are on a plane they sometimes offer movies to watch, but if you want to guarantee it to be something you definitely will like, download in bulk!

2. Make a new friend-Sometimes it’s nice to get to know the people around you.

3. Sleep-If you can get comfortable.

4. Read or write-Bring a book, airplanes have magazines you can look at. If you are a blogger you can get ahead with your next post/novel or maybe even draw!

5. Games:

· Electronic devices (There are multitudes of game you can play on your cell phone and tablets) Including Pokemon Go

· Paper games- Tic-Tac-Toe, hangman, Dots and Boxes, word searches, and crossword puzzles

· Travel board games- Sorry and Connect Four  

· Deck of cards

· Visual games- I Spy, Slug Bug, and Pop Eye (these are games more focused on riding in a car)

6. Rest stops/nature preserves/hole in the walls- I know what you are thinking rest stops? Really? Something that always passed the time quickly for my husband and me while driving was stopping at rest stops and nature trails, also finding hole in the wall restaurants or cute little shops.

7. Music- I LOVE listening to music, in fact I could probably do this the while entire trip.

8 . Make your own game up.

9. Take up origami.

10. Take pictures.

11. Call or text someone.

12. Eat and drink

13. Color-Adult coloring books are a huge thing now. Plus coloring is relaxing.

So what are some things you like to do to occupy your time while traveling? Let me know!

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Published by Chasa Fulkerson