Thursday, January 31, 1957   Vol. C605



East Farewell – It was unplanned. It was spontaneous. It happened in two days and it has left the Town Council completely flabbergasted. Over the weekend a group of artists and sculptures met on the Lakefront Plaza and carved up the enormous piles of snow that had been piled there from the recent snow storm. The Town Council had tabled the action on the Snow Sculpture Festival last week because they felt there was not going to be enough snow this year. That was before the near record 26” snow storm that slammed into the region Thursday and Friday of last week. The town reacted to the storm with very effective snow clearing, using the Lakefront Plaza as a dumping area. Needless to say the area was full and invited the rogue group of artists, sculptures and a large group of high school students with snow shovels, garden tools and watering cans to attack the piles with reckless abandon. The town was digging out on Saturday and the band of snow sculpture creators were hard at work cleaning, digging, forming and packing their creations. Due to the impromptu nature of the event passersby felt free to add to the lion’s head or build their own smaller scale creation. Last Sunday brought a beautiful, brisk day and the Lakefront Plaza was full of spectators taking in the menagerie of sculptures and castles on the Plaza. There was a makeshift awards ceremony at sunset and ice medals were given out to most of the entries and no clear winner. During the day several restaurants brought some tables out and served some light fare.  This was the antithesis of what the Town Council had in mind and they showed their disdain by not showing up.

            “We were told that this event was not official, but we don’t care. This was just for fun. The Council was never going to get anything planned so we just thought we would do it,” said artist and snow sculpture creator, Bernie Talbot, “This year we didn’t have the clean snow and we didn’t have time to import it like last year. We really had to improvise and come up with some wild ideas. The kids were a big help doing the dirty work, so to speak, they helped clean the snow up and make it look like snow, kind of.  We had a lot of fun and I think the people really enjoyed it.”   

            There was no comment from the Town Council. The people that watched the creations come to be and the ones that were able to walk through the completed maze were very impressed with the accomplishment in such a short time. Even the students were very happy with the results. There was a rumor that Tom Connelly, Town Council President, was seen after sundown checking out the sculptures and trying to keep a low profile. Time will have to tell if the Council will take this up next year or just let the improvisational festival happen again. 

Impromptu snow sculptures on Plaza



East Farewell - The Central Bears came into the Cougar’s home looking to knock off one of the hottest teams in the league. They were coming off an excellent outing against the other leading team in the league, the Riverview Wildcats and they were ready to put their heralded run and gun play to the test. The Cougars were waiting with a surprise of their own. The Cougars showed a completely different game plan than they have used before. In the past they have played a steady, ball control game feeding their experienced and very capable center, Wilson Watson and using their back court to control the game. This game they came out mimicking the Bears fast paced, loose and lively style. No one in the gymnasium thought these boys could play in that style. Well, they can and they did. From the opening tip off both teams ran the floor and shot with wild abandon. Both made quick, efficient passes and pressed relentlessly. The blistering pace was very exciting. If the pace of the first six minute had continued the entire game the score would have been 86-80. The Cougars guards, Fox and Connor, were able to move quickly up and down the court feeding the forwards, O’Hare and Reilly and sometimes dumping into Watson. On the Bears side, their forwards, Billings and Durham took the lead and were able to consistently feed their center, Frank Silva, who matched up with Watson well.

            The Cougars were able to use the press effectively and create six turnovers but the Bears were also able to outrun some leading passes and create turnovers on their side. The game stayed close for the first half with the Cougars going in at the half with a 34-32 lead. In the second half the Cougars kept up the fast pace and the Bears countered with a strong press of their own. By the end of the third quarter the Cougars had gained a semblance of game control and were able to take a game high six point lead. The Bears made a last ditch run in the fourth bringing the score close, 48-52, by starting to hit some outside shots consistently but with two minutes left the Cougars went on a 6 point run and sealed the win 58-52.

            “This was a brand new look for us and the boys really rose to the occasion by following the game plan and sticking to it,” said a very happy Coach Wilson after the game. “I wasn’t sure they would be able to pull it off, the Bears are a very good team, we knew they liked to run and we needed to try something new to throw them off their game.  The boys played probably their best game of the season tonight, I’m very proud of them.”

            The Cougars go back on the road next week to visit the Corning Devils. It remains to be seen if they will stick with their new game plan or go back to their game control plan that has been so successful in the early part of the season. The Coach and the team are mum on that issue. The game begins at 4:00PM in the Corning gym.



President Eisenhower pays a surprise visit to Capitol Hill and lunches with Vice-President Nixon and 39 Republican Senators. Some say he was there to defend personally Secretary of State Dulles against an avalanche of Democratic criticism on the Senate side.  President Eisenhower was said to be miffed over what he regarded as the failure of most GOP Senators to spring to Dulles’ defense when the Secretary and his Middle East policy came under sharp attack by Sen. Fulbright (D-Ark) and other liberal Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


President Eisenhower’s request for authority to throw U.S. military forces against any serious Communist aggression in the Middle East is passed by the House.  The resolution is expected to pass in the Senate. It gives the President authorization to use both men and money for Red expansion in the vital areas of oil fields and sea lanes.


Mystery in Moscow - Lazar Kaganovich, deputy Premier of the Soviet Union is shot in a behind-the-scenes struggle for power in the Kremlin. Reports say he is at death’s door. Kaganvich represented the old hard-core Stalinists who wanted to kick Soviet party boss Khrushchev and Premier Bulganin from power. The attack is believed to have been ordered by both. But, at the hospital – apparently Kaganovich is now suffering from blood poisoning.


The nuclear-powered submarine Nautilus, namesake of Jules Verne’s fictional craft, returns to port after logging 20,000 Leagues under the sea, all without refueling.  The Nautilus was first launched January 17, 1955.


Rock ‘n’ roll music, sometimes condemned as bad for juveniles, is recommended by teachers at Chester High in Springfield, IL. One teacher said that “rock ‘n’ roll is used to good effect, particularly at basketball games; “Without exception, every band in Southern Illinois plays it at games. It elicits howls and whistles and they think I’ve got a great band because of it.”


Elvis bootlegged in Russia - Recordings by Elvis Presley cut on discarded hospital X-ray plates, are selling in Leningrad for 50 rubles - or about $12.50.  American travelers report that Presley is the latest craze of Soviet zoot-suiters or Stilyagi, as they are called.





Published by JD Carroll