Thursday, January 3, 1957   Vol. C601



East Farewell – The weather was very kind to the New Years revelers as they greeted 1957 with temperatures almost 10 degrees above normal. That made the marchers in the New Year’s parade happy and the people along the route were able to view the event in light jackets and sweaters. The parade was a big hit and this year’s crowd swelled to an estimated 5000 people. Many came from out of town thanks to advertising in local papers throughout the region. The mild weather also probably helped draw some folks who would have stayed home if the weather was cold. The parade started at 10:00AM at the top of Main Street, went down past Boyle’s Department Store, around Lake Shore Drive and down towards the Fountains Park ending at the Lakefront Plaza. Drum Major Amber Long led the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts along with some new floats this year. A big change this year was the Girl Scouts went first, before the Boy Scouts. There was no explanation given but it was widely speculated that they had won a coin toss moments before the start. The newly formed Restaurant Association had a wonderful float that was a sidewalk café on a decorated flatbed complete with several tables, chairs and diners. The local animal shelter walked their dogs and carried some cats. This year shelter volunteers pulled wagons that had cages for smaller animals that were available for adoption after the parade. Also this year was a repeat appearance of the town’s new neighbors from NUDE (Nothing Until Democracy Evolves) organization. Last year their retreat opened at the north end of the lake and they have been quietly building their grounds and membership. The warm weather did bring some speculation that they would parade in their native outfits but they followed the committee’s request and were clad in somewhat appropriate attire, while some showed up in bathing suits most had slacks and skirts. Another new parade participant this year was the Playhouse float. Sponsored by the East Farewell Playhouse, the float had many members of the local troupe all dressed in their costumes from the recent sold out show, “A Christmas Carol”

            The Regional High School Band brought up the end with rousing renditions of popular hits. After the parade made its way down the route the band gave a concert on Lakefront Plaza and everyone spent the rest of the beautiful afternoon enjoying the unusual but exceptional weather.

Drum Major Amber Long leads the Girl Scouts



East Farewell – In an unexpected upset the Cougars won the 5th Annual Christmas Tournament beating the Riverview Wildcats, 48-46 on Sunday in an exciting finale to a very successful event. The Cougars took on their seasonal rival, Riverview, after beating Fort Lee and Pittsburgh’s Tyrone and Riverview downed Philadelphia’s Central and the Miners from Slate Mountain. The tournament was held late last week and over the weekend. It drew fans and spectators from all over the area and the state.

            The final game was played on Saturday afternoon after an exciting consolation game played between Tyrone and the Slate Mountain Miners. Tyrone prevailed 57-53 in overtime. The final game started late due to the overtime of the first game. It was 4:30 by the time the ball was tipped off. The matchup was highly anticipated because both the Cougars and the Wildcats have high expectations for this season. The two have met once already with the Wildcats winning, 45-44. They will match up again one more time later in the season.

            This game opened to a full house and a full speed, run and gun style by both teams that led to a 20-18 first quarter with Riverview out front. The high tempo stayed with each team trading baskets and defense seemingly taking a back seat to scoring. Both centers, the Cougars Wilson Watson and the Wildcats Paul Kirsch, have played against each other and put on a tremendous show. Both established control of their own lane and frustrated any attempts at an inside game by both sides. This forced both teams to open up their outside games and shoot from the perimeter. The Cougars guards had a slight edge in this category. Sophomore Bobby Cox and Junior Fergal Conner showed great poise and patience as they moved the ball well and found the open shot. Even though they are young they showed composure and intelligence on the floor. Between the two of them they accounted for 36 of the team’s 47 points (15 for Cox and 21 for Conner) including the final two points by Conner with a long outside shot to end the game. The Riverview Wildcats were not to be left out with their guards, Brian Gratino and Frankie Day who were able to total 20 for their team (10 for each).

            The first half ended with the Wildcats up by 4, their biggest lead of the game, but the second half opened with the Cougars going on a 10-0 run and put the Wildcats in catch up mode for the rest of the quarter. The final quarter opened with the Cougars up by four, 40-36 but the Wildcats closed to tie with only one minute left. The Cougars got the ball with 45 seconds on the clock and looked like they were going to play for the last shot but an errant pass from Bobby Cox and the Day grabbed the ball and sped down court for an easy score. With the score 46-44 the Cougars wasted no time with an inbounds pass that went to half court then to Cox in the corner who dropped the shot using only 15 seconds and tying the game. The Cougars went into a full press on the inbounds that may have slightly rattled Gratino but he was able to get the ball to Kirsch who forwarded the ball down to Day who tried to drive on a stoic Watson. Watson was able to deflect the shot off to the side and Tommy O’Hare grabbed it making a quick outlet to Conner who took it down the left side and with 10 seconds left let loose a 20 foot shot from the edge and swished it. With only eight seconds on the clock the Wildcats got the ball in bounds but were unable to get it past the midcourt line before the clock expired. The last desperate shot by Gratino fell short as the buzzer sounded.

            “I think playing several games in such a short amount of time really helped bring these kids together as a team. They played much better in this last game than in the first,” said Coach Wilson as he held the trophy up. The Cougars get back to their regular schedule this weekend when they travel to Fort Lee to meet the Captains. The game begins at 4:00PM on Friday afternoon in the Fort Lee High School Gymnasium.   



Egypt abrogates the 1954 treaty with Britain and forbids the use of Egyptian bases in a conflict with the Soviets and Egypt establishes herself as a major neutralist country in the Middle East. That means no U.S. bases as well. A string of ships marooned in the Suez Canal more than two months get up steam and begin a complicated voyage to the open sea. In all, 13 ships of seven countries were caught heading south in the canal when British and French warplanes began bombardment October 31 in preparation for the invasion of Port Said. Sunken ships - some scuttled by the Egyptians and blasted bridges blocked their way out.  Secretary of State Dulles meets with U.N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold on the situation in the Middle East at the United Nations.


Slim Democratic majorities keep control of both Senate and House of representatives as the 85th Congress convenes with party divisions almost indistinguishable from the 84th.


Hungary - Premier Janos Kadar’s Communist government knocks the props from under Hungarian hopes for any general liberalization of its tough political course. It proclaimed a harsh back to Stalinism program.


In Montgomery, Alabama- A group of white teenage boys’ hurled two spark plugs at an integrated city bus, breaking a five-day calm in the South’s main testing ground for racially mixed transit seating. The boys, aged 11 to 15 were rounded- up. The spark plugs shattered a window of the bus as it passed through a white neighborhood, but did not penetrate the vehicle and no one was injured.



Published by JD Carroll