HUGE DISCLAIMER-I both live in and *love* Michigan, so I might be biased.

15 Reasons Why Michigan is the Best Place to Live:

  1. No matter what city in Michigan you live, you will either bleed Green/White or Blue/Gold. If I weren't already married, you can bet your ass I would not be dating someone outside of my choice team affiliation. That sh*t is irreconcilable.
  2. Our dislike of Ohio. I mean, there are people who definitely don't have a problem with Ohio (or The Ohio State University), I am not one of those people. It just feels natural to dislike Ohio (and even worse, OSU).
  3. The Upper Peninsula. This doesn't even need an explanation. It's beautiful and, frankly, it needs its own article. I should have titled this "Reasons why Lower Michigan is the Best Place to Live."
  4. The bars. No matter where you go, there's usually a down-home bar in which you can imbibe your favorite delicious drink. It's also usually pretty cheap. Like, 9 times out of 10 it's way cheap. Just ask my sister who lives in Chicago (and coincidentally has traveled everywhere). She said they're super cheap. Take her word for it.
  5. The cost of living. It's so low guys. So. Low. Obviously this depends on where *exactly* you live, but in general, you can find some place that is both safe and that you can afford.
  6. The food. Other states may have fancy food, southern food, or hipster food. We have everything. Oh, you feel like eating sushi? Ok, we can find that somewhere. (Try Hello Sushi in Saginaw.) Are you feeling more like pizza? You can find it in every. single. town. (Little Caesars, B.C Pizza, Papa Johns, Hungry Howies, take your pick.) (HOWEVER, you cannot forget about the non-franchised-hometown pizzerias that abound our towns. That sounded funny, abound our towns. Lol.) Ooooh, you actually wanted some fancy ass sandwiches, BOOM-we've got those too. (Try The Laundry in Fenton, MI or Crust, also in Fenton, MI.)
  7. The culture. If you're in Dearborn, you will encounter many mosques. If you're in Indian River, you can visit the Catholic Church-Cross in the Woods (they literally have a giant cross in the woods). If you head to Detroit or Flint you can visit one of the many museums. (My favorite Detroit museum is The Detroit Institute of Arts and my favorite Flint museum is The Sloan Museum and Longway Planetarium.)
  8. The history. Michigan was built on the auto industry (in the L.P.) and the copper industry (in the U.P.), and many historical features remain. We have the Henry Ford Museum -where you will find all you need to know about the auto industry and much more, the Calumet Historic District in Houghton County (in the Upper Peninsula) affectionately called copper country, Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills-where you can visit the museum, tour the mansion, or see a play in the summer (you can also tour the mansion at Meadow Brook Hall and I would HIGHLY recommend it), and Fort Michilimackinac in Mackinac city (it's pronounced MACK-EH-NAW)-where you can visit the fort, walk through the buildings, see a live gun show, and walk through the museums in the buildings.
  9. The sports. Dear Lord do we love our sports. Lions and Tigers and Wings, Oh My! (This would have sounded a lot better if our hockey team could have just been called the Red Bears instead of the Red Wings. Sigh.)
  10. Small towns that seem like big cities. I'm partial to a little place I like to call the "Tri-cities", but there are so many places in Michigan that give you that downtown-hometown feel.
  11. Big cities that seem like small towns. Listen, Detroit is a "big city", but it is not, at least for me, on caliber with Chicago or the like. If you go into any part of this place you will find that so-and-so knows so-and-so. That's what can make a place like Detroit seem home-y. (Or annoying and suffocating, depending on who you ask.)
  12. Indian River, MI. This little town has SO much to offer. It truly has the up-north feel, without being too remote. It is (roughly) 30 minutes south of Mackinac city (and bridge) and 20 minutes outside of both Petoskey (Petoskey Stones!) and Harbor Springs (I hope you're rich!). It is a town nestled between two huge inland lakes-Burt Lake and Mullett Lake. These are both popular haunts for Kid Rock and people who both know how to appreciate nature and how to party.
  13. The lakes. There are so. many. lakes. We're surrounded by them. We're inundated with lakes, and we wouldn't have it any other way. There is no comparison to a lake (versus an ocean). They're freshwater, (in general) pretty clean, and when in Michigan, you're only ever about 20 minutes from a lake-so no driving an hour, trapped in a car, to get to the hot beach (where you might die from the rip current or a shark). (No, I'm not anxiety ridden, why do you ask?)
  14. Hometown-vacation towns. Caseville, home of the Cheeseburger festival, is both an amazing and fun place to live, but is also a great vacation spot. The previously mentioned Indian River (this needed its own paragraph because of its awesomeness). Frankenmuth, MI, a nationally recognized vacation spot-it is "Little Bavaria" and it is my home away from home. It's located just 5-10 minutes off of I-75 and it is home to ZehndersBavarian Inn, and festivals dedicated to both food and beer (can I get an Amen?!). And finally, Mackinac Island (and city), the gateway to another time (there are, literally, no cars on the island-they're illegal-how cool is that?)
  15. And finally, my favorite place and part of Michigan, Fenton. Fenton, MI has a tiny, little (but growing) downtown. It has, literally, lakes around every corner. And, it is the perfect bubble of fun and safety. There are places like Fenton all over Michigan, just pick your favorite and make it home!

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