In a world where food holds such an important position in our daily lives, it seems quite obvious that a kitchen should have equal importance. If you're looking to renovate your kitchen, or even just redecorate, there's a lot to think about. Here are some nice decorating tips for your new kitchen that will satisfy your utilitarian needs as well as the aesthetic.

  • Shelf Space

Being an important part of the kitchen, this area needs some close attention. If you have lots of cutlery and utensils, it is best to get something that can accommodate them. If you don't have too much, minimal shelf area will give your kitchen a roomier look, or more space to decorate it as you wish.

  • By the Living Room

Having a kitchen that opens up into the living room has quite a few benefits. It's easier to move the food into the next room, and the smells of cooking fill up the place, making inhabitants and potential guests ready to eat by the time you serve.

  • Black and White

This may sound very bland, but it can be made to look very chic. A continuous pattern, like a modern zigzag or a more traditional alternating square tile pattern, can give a kitchen personality in spite of the monochromatic color scheme.

  • Warm, Neutral Colors

If you're not into extremely flashy or explosive colors, your kitchen can have a neutral palette and still shine. Colors like grey, ivory and cream allow you to have a modern-looking space and experiment with different textures as well.

  • Pop of Color

In a kitchen with a neutral color scheme, adding bits and pieces of bright colors like sunshine yellow or turquoise can make for a charming addition. This is a great option for those on a tight budget.

  • White Walls

This is an option that lets you customize as much as you could possibly want.  Whether it's experimenting with accents, textures or placements, you have a greater degree of freedom to choose where you want to put things.

  • Traditional Kitchen

If your home has a rustic theme about it, feel free to extend that to the kitchen. White walls, white shelves and wooden furniture make for a classic yet stylish look. You'll feel great buttering your head in a kitchen like that.

  • The Sink

This may not seem like a very obvious thing to think about at first, but a chic kitchen with a clunky looking sink and faucet won't do. Pick one that complements the style of the rest of your kitchen. You can check out your options on Faucet Assistant.

  • Mix and Match

There is no written rule that you must stick to one and only one style when decorating your kitchen. If you have the eye for it, make up your own style out of many others. Mixing traditional and modern styles the right way can result in an innovative looking kitchen.

  • Go Bright

This is for the bold ones out there. If you think you can pull it off, pick a bright color and make it work for you. Pick one color and either use it alone or pair it with black or white (whichever you think looks better), and add a high gloss finish. This is risky, but can be pulled off.

  • The Devil Is in The Details

There is no need to go all out and make your kitchen a blatant style statement. A subtler option is to focus on the little things, like cabinet and drawer knobs. A neutral colored kitchen can be spruced up with an ornate door knob and add the pizzazz your kitchen needs

  • Island storage

If you're the kind of person who likes keeping kitchen items close, consider getting an island with built in storage space. Common items plates and spoons can go there, and the bigger storage spaces in the kitchen can be used for the big serving bowls.

  • Extendable Table

Sounds like something out of a Harry Potter novel, doesn't it? An island with a table extension mechanism is a great way of keeping more free room around the kitchen and still accommodating guests when you have them.

  • Stained glass

Adding stained glass in any part of your kitchen can lend a cute vintage look to your kitchen. You can choose to put it on the kitchen cabinets or in one particular place, like the space under the chimney.

  • Mounted pot rack

Clear up more cabinet space or leave more walking room in your kitchen by installing a pot rack on the wall. You can also show off that copper pot set that you're so proud of.

The kitchen is your space, and you get to decorate it to suit your personal tastes. Hopefully, these tips help you figure out what those are, and help you create a kitchen that you can be proud of.

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