I am not from the USA.

I don’t have an emotional story about this day that is almost fading away but after 15 years I think its time to probably share some thoughts and what moved me to do it was watching United 93 yesterday.

To understand the story in 2001 I was a child. My parents just arrived from Porto Santo and the things I do remember was feeling like being grounded an entire day outside because I couldn’t watch my cartoons. At the time we only had a tv in the living room and I couldn’t replay the episodes so I was going to miss them until the next rerun of the show that could be in two months or more.

But today I am not eight anymore. I am 23.

Just saying that made me feel old. It felt so long ago since the towers fell and the airplanes where taken by storm with fear and regulations. I never really understood the point of relieving the bad over and over again just so people wont forget, on headlines that fade the emotions into apathy and repetition.

But today I know it’s because its not a separate event. Because the dots are all connected in a never ending war that can be grasped much earlier than the 2000. Meaning the world is in some ways the same, filled with brutality and corpses as advanced warfare. Which is devastating. So much has changed and yet so little did change.

I do recommend seeing United 93, is a great movie.

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls

Published by Cap. LeatheHatless