8. When the airplane lands usually everybody unfastens their seatbelts and try to get their luggage from the overhead bins…Let’s make it clear…there is no point to unfasten your seatbelt instantly when the plane lands, because during the taxiing something may go wrong. The airplane may suddenly stop and as you are on the aisle in a hurry to get your luggage from the overhead bins FIRST (or fight the airplane gnomes), you may break something. That is why seatbelt signs are being switched off at the moment of the final stop of the aircraft. I think watching through the window 5mins more seated in the airplane is better than watching through the window a whole month while lying in the hospital, right?

9. Airplane is mode of transportation, not a flying restaurant… It is not possible to board 100 percent of any one food option, so don’t get mad when the flight attendants can’t serve you the thing you want. You should keep in mind that the main function of flying is not to provide you with a fine dining experience.

10. Poking flight attendants in the backside is not very polite, especially when you see them talking to other passengers.

11. If you are flying as a PRM passenger (passenger with reduced mobility) you should always sit next to the window, because you should not block the row, so other passengers can evacuate in case of an emergency situation.

12. Lavatories usually are not behind the curtains, so you should better not search for them there. It is enough that flight attendants have to eat next to the lavatories and taste that good smeell, so be that kind to leave them do it in peace…

13. Flight attendants do not enjoy delayed flights more than passengers do. Everyone wants to get home as soon as possible and get drunk…

14. You get drunk more easier at 30, 000 feet, so be careful with the alcohol…drink all the alcohol you can get for better effect! Cheers!

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Published by Monika Kachamanova