16 Problems All Bookworms Know Too Well

1. You can't resist going inside a bookstore.
2. Waiting for the sequel of a book takes forever!
3. ...Or the new novel of your favorite author...
4. You're  multitasking reading two books. Or three books. Or four books.
5. You're ignoring basic needs like food, shower and your family while you're wallowing in your book.
6. Your take your books anywhere you go (e-reader or pocketbook).
7. And read while you're at the bus stop or at the mall. Wherever!
8. You really wish more people read more books other than just for book reports......
9. Your eyes are tired but you don't want to put down this really good boo...
10. You're laughing by yourself (comedies, lighthearted, satire)
11. Your blood pressure spikes up, your pulses are racing...you're nervous if the heroine will come out alive (psychological thrillers, suspense, mystery)
12. You don't have enough space for all your books in the shelf.
13. Or your memory card (e-reader)
14. A word comes up that you don't know the meaning of, and you have to stand up to get a dictionary across the room.
15. Or close the e-reader app to go to your Dictionary app in your smartphone or tablet.
16. Everyone is expecting you to do their book report for them. Which you refuse for moral's sake. Or you accept because who loves books??!

Do you have the same problems a bookworm? Comment below!


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo