1. Be Joyful

-Always look at things on a brighter side. Yes, life is pretty unpredictable and it messes your source of happiness but the good news is, it won't last forever. Find joy in everything.

2. Be Kind

-No one is ever exempted in facing a battle.You are not the only one. Others' ordeals might be bigger than yours. You might be being harsh towards someone you don't know. Be attentive to the needs of the others.

3. Love, not Fall in Love

-I don't know how to pull the reason out from this but, maybe what  I am trying to point out is that, learn to love people without expecting something in return. You love people simply because you love them, not because you expect them to love you back. Because when you do, odds are, they cannot reciprocate the love you have for them. And that's gonna hurt you really, Big time. It is always  you who is responsible for you own feelings.               (ouch)

4. Life is Short

-Smile often. Dream on. It's not too late to try something new. Be weird on your own account. Widen your horizon. Make your dreams happen. It's never too late to start over. You might have realized later and started later, but that doesn't mean you failed. Live fully.

5. Spend Time with your Family

-Savor each moment you have with your family. Unexpected things happen. Children grow up fast like a sea weed, And yet we forget that the parents grow older too. Don't miss an opportunity to be with them. They are the only ones who won't trade you for anything else. For good days and bad, stick with them. When all else fails, you can always have a family you can go home to.

6. Take a Risk

-For whatever its worth, grab the chance you have, or you might lose it. Do what you think will make you happy. Screw the what ifs. Life didn't promise that everything will always be a sure win- because if it does, where's the lesson you'll gain from it? There's even a cliche that says, "there's no harm in trying".

7. Don't Forget to Laugh

-A good laugh always helps ease something within us. It helps decrease the stress hormones and makes us look younger. It helps us see the positive side of everything. Go crazy with friends, have fun! Don't waste your life moping around about the things that didn't work out.

8. Appreciate People

-There will be times that even you can't love yourself. People have two traits; either we are lovable or unlovable. Appreciate those who accepts your unlovable and unacceptable traits.  You can't find people like them overnight or in the streets, they are a gem-for keeps. Appreciate also those who try to communicate with you despite the hostility you're showing towards them or the  distance between you. Remember, people get tired.

9. Lend An Ear to Someone

-Sometimes, merely listening is better than sharing your opinion. It always feels good to have someone who listens to you especially when you're at your lowest and worst situations.

10. It's Okay not to be Okay

-It's a human nature to cry; to weep for something or someone that was lost and have hurt us. You are not a superman or superwoman. People get hurt and get broken many times. You are not alone. Always remember, it won't last forever either.

11. Say Sorry

-It won't hurt to admit your mistakes-that you are at fault too and that you are to be blamed. Sometimes, we  hurt people without us knowing. Be it unintentional or intentional,   humbly accept defeat. Never be afraid to do that. Besides, you know yourself better than anybody else. And there is no better way to start healing from being sorry to the people you've done wrong with.

12. Live for Today

-Don't get too busy preppin' up for your future that you already forget to take care of yourself. Live for the moment. Live in the present. Appreciate what you have right now. Look back and be thankful for the past. Stop regretting and thinking of your "what-could've-beens". It's done and it already served its purpose. You are what you are today because of yesterday.

13. Say Thank You

-Say thank you for little things. You don't know how it will affect the person you've had said it to. Say it while the one you want to have said it with still exists.  You might regret you didn't say thank you to the one you want to have said it with before it's too late. Believe me, it brings too much regret.

14. Forgive

-It's not the easiest thing to do. And I admire the people who forgives easily even after they've been stepped on. It's beneficial. Life is too short to spend it with too much grudges within us. Make this world a better place to live in by learning how to forgive.

15. Make Memories

-Travel. Eat. Get dirty. Get lost somewhere. Find your way back-and get lost again. Be on your extremes but stay on guard. Seize the moment. Embrace freedom. Take a lot of picture. Document your life events. Write your thoughts. It might surprise you for the next years that you had those kind of thoughts in the past. Make plans. Make a bucket list of 'where tos" and "what-to-dos".

You wouldn't want spending the rest of life thinking of your "I-should-have-done-this" things rather than "I'm-proud-of-myself-for-doing-that" things.



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Published by Mayne Andaya