Your customers heavily depend on you for their cars’ health. Cars are no less than babies when it comes to taking their care in the winter season, especially if you live in temperate zones.

An expert auto-technician like you must educate your customers with the skills like antifreeze and use of winter survival kit. However, before that, follow these simple ways to make your clients’ automobiles winter ready.

Look no further:

#1 Check the auto for engine performance and drivability problems: Check problems like hard starts, stalling, rough idling or diminished power and rectify them because you know that cold is going to make these issues much worse.

#2 Check the filters and replace the dirty ones, such as fuel, air, and PCV.

#3 Check the car battery. Have your power checked entirely. The only correct way to find a weak power supply is by using the professional equipment. However, educate your customers how to do good routine care of their vehicles’ batteries. Ensure that there is no connection with corrosive debris and battery acid solution. In case you choose to change the Eveready battery of the car, always install the ones from a genuine Eveready car battery supplier.

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#4 Ensure that the car’s wiper fluid tank is full so it will be ready to rinse away winter dirt. If temps drop near freezing locally, then look for wiper liquid that has antifreeze properties to winterize your customer’s vehicle.

#5 If your clients will be using the same auto tyres during the winter season, check the treads to make certain they are not worn down. Educate your clients for the penny test. The common test is to have a penny and add it in your grooves, the heads side facing down. When you can still see most of heads side mind, understand that the auto tyres are balding, and it is probably time to displace these to winterize your clients’ vehicles.

#6 Inspect all lighting and light bulbs. Replace used up out bulbs; regularly clean road dirt from all lens. To avoid scratching, never use a dry rag. The clouded lens can be cleaned and refinished by you or the expert auto technicians in your outlet.

#7 Exhaust fumes coming from your clients' vehicle's cabin can be lethal. Analyze the exhaust system for leakages and issues while the automobile is on a lift, or it is elevated. The floorboards and trunk must be inspected for small apertures or holes.

#8 Don’t neglect the transmission while routine check-ups and fluid changes.

#9 Older oil will be considerably sluggish in winter because of the mix of frost and contaminants. Clear the issue by supplanting the oil before the cold months come to winterize your client’s auto.

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#10 Sometimes doors and windows can stall out in chilly climate conditions. You can settle this issue by cleaning the doors and windows completely at the time of car servicing and applying a light layer of oil or another ointment to the edges of the car’s doors and other entryways like windows, trunks, and hoods.

#11 Auto mechanists have this magic potion called the liquid catalyst that is truly imperative in the winter. This is simply magical since it keeps the motor from solidifying up. Also, is an essential step to winterize all the automobiles that come to you for servicing just at the onset of winter. Coolant tests are also helpful to know about the coolant's condition. Advise your customer to change coolant if it gets dirty.

#12 It is of utmost importance to clear out radiator core tubes. This is done as such that the radiator can utilize its coolant supply to warm air rapidly. In case your client often complains of holding up in a cold car that never appears to warm up, consider flushing the radiator framework also. This is a clever method to winterize the car for your client’s comfort.

#13 Check the brake liquid and refill if important to ensure the brakes are prepared to work in chilling, solidifying conditions.

#14 The cooling system of the vehicle should be cleaned, flushed and refilled from time to time. Make sure you prescribe your clients to get this done periodically.

#15 Check for the old blades and replace the worn out. In case of too much cold, install rubber clad blades only.

#16 Buy aftermarket auto parts only from the genuine spare parts dealers. This will strengthen the trust of your customers on you.      

Follow these tips and make a happy and warm customer base.

Published by Shiva Kushwaha