I asked some locals what they wanted tourist to know before visiting their country!


Susanna says:

1.”Finns are pretty aware of their own space, most of us feel weird if some stranger says hello to you or like even starts talking to you for no reason.”

2.”Finns love to drink that's kinda our thing lol. It’s our culture it makes us to socialize because we are known to be as the quiet people.

3.”But I don't think that there's any "rules" that if you do it it's offensive. Sure if you give someone "the finger" that's not good

4.Also our winters  are not as it was anymore. It's cooler even it gets to minus degrees and we get much less snow nowadays.”

5.”And also we don't have polar bears here.”

6.”Santa lives in Lapland.”

7.”Oh, also, bars.  We actually need to order the beer at the bar and then take a seat.  ^^ I know that some bars here have waiters and waitresses taking beer orders.”

Rois says:

8.Finland has an awesome public transportation system.

9.There is an outdoor market in Helsinki that is pretty big and attracts many locals and tourists alike.

10.”There are many beautiful churches all over Finland, 5000 lakes, and the Sibelius National Park.”

Martha says:

11.“Tourists from all over the world visit Finland every year. The most heavily forested country in Europe; Finland is an eco-tourist’s dream containing over 180,000 lakes. It is also one of the best places to view the Northern Lights during the cold Arctic winters. Just like most countries, Finland has its own set of unspoken socially acceptable behaviors. Here are some things Finns would tell you, if they weren’t so shy”:

12.”You need to take your shoes off when you enter a Finnish home.”

13.”Personal space is of the utmost importance. If you’re on public transportation take an unoccupied seat/bench rather than sitting next to someone you don’t know.”

14.”Don’t hug a Finn unless you REALLY know him/her well.”

15.”Both men and women shake hands in greeting. A person is judged by his/her handshake. It better be firm.”

16.“Don’t get more food than you can eat. Finns expect you to clean your plate.”

17.“Finns appreciate quiet. There are no awkward silences.”

Drinking tip: When you are 18 you can buy drinks like cider and beer, but when you are 20 you can buy whatever you want.

Map of Finland

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Published by Chasa Fulkerson