It’s finally 2017, and I want to make this year, my year.  So, rather than making resolutions that are doomed from the start, I figured I’d make a nice little list of 17 things I want to do in 2017 that will help me learn and grow as a person.


  1. Find my own signature scent and stick to it

  2. Embrace vulnerability

  3. Stop being so afraid to make new friends and let people in

  4. Successfully grow a plant indoors

  5. Go to more local events (concerts, etc.)

  6. Read (and finish) one new book every month

  7. Get into the habit of a nice morning and night routine

  8. Take more bubble baths

  9. Buy (and use) more crystals, because they’re pretty and healing

  10. Buy myself flowers occasionally when I’m out and about

  11. Make a giant vision board on one of my walls

  12. Learn to love my body

  13. Rock a fun color of lipstick one day (maybe emerald?), just because

  14. Initiate a friendship

  15. Buy more art

  16. Learn how to read palms

  17. Cook more yummy food

Published by Jasmine Uitto