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East Farewell – The new decade was ushered in with the traditional New Year’s Parade down Main Street, up Lake Shore Drive and ended on Lakefront Plaza. The extremely warm weather made the parade a shirtsleeve affair and many people stated on the Plaza for the impromptu concert by the Regional High School Jazz band. The parade launched from the Iron Works parking lot with the Girl Scouts once again leading the way, followed by the Boy Scouts. The Girl scouts have enjoyed a string of good luck winning the parade leading coin toss three years in a row. The Scouts were followed by several nicely appointed floats sponsored by the Restaurant Association, The Playhouse and the local SPCA. The SPCA not only had a float but also a sort of mini-parade with at least 10 dogs of different size and breed all walking in line, kind of, being led by SPCA leader, Joan Wilson. “We just love showing off our charges, they are loving companions that will give anyone’s spirits a boost,” said Wilson when asked at the adoption event on the Lakefront Plaza after the parade.

            A surprising but not unexpected entrant in the parade was the float sponsored by N.U.D.E. (Nothing Until Democracy Evolves) the local nudist organization that owns and runs a camp/retreat at the north end of the lake. They have been in the last three parades and have always been clothed with respect to the community. This year there was a rumor that with the warm weather they might try to show more than before and push the limits of decency. But NUDE president and chief spokesman, Frank Logan, had given the Commissioners his assurance that there would be no ostentatious displays of skin. The float was met with the now usual jeers and comments that have now become almost welcomed by the float riders who have started to respond with their own retorts. It was all in good fun.  The Regional High Marching Band brought the finale and along with the Jazz band that actually just marched was greeted with cheers from the hometown crowd and the many, many visitors. This year the crowd was estimated at almost 10,000 thanks to the warm weather.

              It seems the weather was staying warm just long enough to keep Christmas and New Year’s way above normal and unseasonably snow free. On the 3rd the bottom fell out of the weather inversion and temperatures dropped 35 degrees in 24 hours and continued to drop for the rest of the week. By press time the average temperature for the last 24 hours was 32 degrees. Winter has arrived with gusto and now as the New Year dawns things seem to be getting back to normal. So, as the excitement of the New Year starts to fade everyone is starting to bundle up and get back to business.

The Girl Scouts lead the 1960 New Year’s Parade




Riverview – The high flying Cougars were forced down to the ground in their first game of the new decade. They traveled to Riverview to play the Wildcats on January 2nd and came up on the short side losing 50-44. The Wildcats, like the Cougars, are a senior led team and have played together for three and four years, sometimes longer as some players are longtime friends. The game started off with both teams playing fast and loose. In the first six minutes there were three lead changes and a total of 24 points scored. The Cougars big center, James Hawkins, was matched up with Wildcats senior center, David Bell. The two young men have known and played against each other for the last three years and there is no love lost between them. They both were charged with fouls early in the game and ended the first half with three apiece. The rest of the Cougars fore court, forwards Dan Tasker and Joey Mitchell, had their hands full also with Wildcats David Farmer and Reggie Franklin. The Cougars back court, Mack Mackenzie and Bobby Fox faired a little better as their counter points were the youngest players on the court, Billy Giardini and Felix Kramer. Fox turned out to be the leading scorer in the game with 18, 12 in the second half. Mackenzie put in 12 while Hawkins had only 8 and eventually fouled out with one minute left. His nemesis, Bell had fouled out only one minute earlier so the Cougars were unable to take advantage of the freed up Hawkins. By the time both big guys had left the game it was in looking very good for the Wildcats leading 46-36 with only three minutes left. Hawkins was able to dump in 4 of his points after Bell had left but it wasn’t enough. The Wildcats were able to score around the center and the Cougars were just unable to score enough to close the gap. Time ran out and the Wildcats were victorious, 50-44.

            The Cougars stay on the road next week as they travel to Fort Lee to take on the Captains in an evening game. The game begins at 7:00PM in the Fort Lee High Gymnasium. The Captains have a balanced team this year with two seniors, two juniors and a sophomore but they have only played together for this season. The Cougars will try to rebound against the Captains.




Vice President Richard M. Nixon leads the way as Grand Marshall of the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena and then a 707 jet airliner carrying Nixon back to Washington sets a new commercial coast-to-coast record, flying from Los Angeles to Washington-Baltimore Friendship Airport in 3 hours and 39 minutes.

Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass) announces his 1960 Presidential candidacy. Kennedy said the current budget for national defense is "too low by a substantial percentage" and said he would not hesitate to call for higher taxes, deficit spending, reshuffling of available appropriations or a combination of these methods to close the "missile gap" which he charged the Eisenhower administration let occur.

Singer Julie London and jazz pianist Bobby Troup marry. The pair had been romantically linked for more than two years. She was once married to Jack Webb. Troup penned the song "Route 66"

Scent comes to movie theaters?  Now you can smell the action. New this week with the movie "Behind The Great Wall" - "AromaRama” (A motion picture with scent) "It's here - the newest and most thrilling dimension in Motion Pictures. In sight - TotalScope. In Sound – Stereophonic. In Scent - AromaRama. At selected theaters”

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