I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t hear a word

A flashing light on a sharp edged sword

I pretended to be elegant, you were such a nerd

you came to me when I was pretty secure.



You said you were a man, made my world

one time you called me a little girl

I will not lie, that did hurt

but a real woman doesn’t cry over 3 little words


But I pursued you 

Nearly always said hi first

Remembered the details

A little too much, it was like a curse


Like the bracelet on your wrist,

the ring on your right hand

Just not your left yet.

I used to think I would get there first


Your eyes glint did you know?

I’m pretty sure you could see my soul

so I daren’t look up I blushed from the get go

That hazel gaze had too much control


Were we over before we even started?

Some would say there was no go

Are we over? I havn’t a clue

I’m not going to get a goodbye when I haven’t had a hello


You were a gentleman

didn’t sit down until I was seated

coffee, small cappa, carried it for me, 

Is that how a princess is treated?


I wouldn’t know. 3 men have never made me feel special

Big brothers and a father, you know the record

You said you have siblings, you didn’t get along

I understood what you meant, you didn’t need to pretend it was wrong


Because it isn’t, they do not understand you

Mine do not get me

I love them still, ride or die

but hate them daily




I felt alright until you mentioned that you had a thing for another

wanted to “wine and dine” marry her forever- it’s obvious you loved her

I didn’t ask questions, not because I didn’t want to know

but because finding out would make me compete

and losing hits me a big blow


So I didn’t ask the questions, instead I let emotions fester

Next thing I knew I was starting to miss ya

I laughed a bit too, because I didn’t want it to happen

But weakness is a drug and so is self-mutilation


I left after an hour

I was hesitant on reflection

You didn’t call me the next day

You said my leaving was rejection


Yet I took the bold step and reached out to you again

It seems we have more in common even though you still pretend

You carry your pain so close to your soul

buried deep within

It seems if I want to get close

I have to dive with you to sin