What are some possible  blocks to receiving guidance from our spirit guides?
Here is a collection of reasons I have encountered in myself. They are grouped by the respective phase in the communication process.


  •  I don’t really care to know.
  •  I am too afraid to know the answer.
  •  I forgot to ask.
  •  The question is not clearly formulated.
  •  Wanting to know the answer is based on fear. (like ‘What are the winning lottery numbers?’ )


  •  I keep asking and asking but then I forget to shut up and listen to the answer.
  •  I can’t hear the answer because my ego chatter is too loud.
  •  I am letting all my thoughts go and clear my mind. I am even letting go of the inner voice. (as in Esther Hicks’ story)



  •  I don’t get guidance because the point of being in a body is to not have everything openly revealed.
  •  I don’t get an answer because my guides want me to figure it out by myself via feeling into my joy. Being told what to do would be like cheating.
  •  I don’t get guidance because my human mind would not be able to understand the answer.
  •  I don’t get an answer because the timing is not right.


  •  I don’t hear an audible voice. Is this still guidance?
  •  I don’t believe the answer of the inner voice. It seems all made up by my imagination.
  •  I can’t tell the difference between ego’s voice and true guidance.
  •  I don’t believe in interpreting events as signs. This seems superstitious.
  •  I feel a strong urge or desire to do something. But I don’t trust that because I have learned that desire is bad.


  •  There is no clarity about the map of the spiritual journey. Or even if there is clarity about the map, I still don’t know where I am located on the map.


  •  I get guidance but I don’t feel like doing anything. My will has been defeated and resurrecting it is difficult. So, there is apathy.


Image source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Circle-question.svg,
license: public domain



Published by Karin Finger