We're all familiar with the concept of 'Big Brother', the idea of being watched and scrutinised is something that many people believe happens too much these days. However it must still be of interest to some as we now have game shows built around the whole concept of 'Big Brother is watching'.

There are many films that have followed suit and tried to revamp the idea.

'Hunger Games'

'Adjustment Bureau' (sort of)


It may be purely because we have been overwhelmed by this idea that I found '1984' mind-numbingly dull. It took me forever to actually get in to the book and then I couldn't find anything to keep me interested. The introduction of Julia was the most exciting part but that seemed short lived. It seemed that the entirety of the book is taken up with Winston reading 'the manual', it would have made much more sense to just publish 'the manual'. I know it's a major iconic novel and is  featured on many 'must read' lists but I wasn't impressed. I forced myself to read to the end because I can't leave a book unread, it's just not cricket.

I feel as though I have failed as a lover of literature by giving such a drab review of this 'masterpiece' but I just don't have anything else to say about it. I'm sorry Mr Orwell :(

Published by Katherine Hames