So something happened.

It’s got to be ‘love at first sight’, she seems to be everything I can ask for. Oh god! I don’t even know her. 

So lets talk about what actually happened. I was on my way to the college half asleep-half awake and suddenly this girl is in front of my scooty, breaks were pulled and nothing really happened. No something happened. She happened. For the first time something feels different, I know if Aarohi comes to know about this, I will be dead for sure.

Day after tomorrow Aarohi and me will be completing 7 months. My brain is yet to decide what to gift her. Why we boys have to gift on every occasion? Like last month was horrible! I officially hate February. How many days does that month even have? like 28-29, but it will have Valentines, Rose, Chocolate, Teddy, Kiss, Hug and Promise Days. It’s the month I go broke. Ask a boyfriend, he saves all year for just February, and then the month drains him off.

So back to the topic, she happened. I don’t know who she is and I don’t care who she is. I want her. Don’t know if I ever do really have her, what will Aarohi do to me.

Love… Something which will drive me insane till the end of the world.

It’s been 3 days since she happened. I have caught her looking at me many times. What if she likes me too? I won’t be able to break up with Aarohi. But the feeling of falling in love is intensifying. Even her name makes me go insane, Vanshika. Van-shi-ka.

She is weird. Like each day she is wrapped in so many clothes, doesn’t she feel hot? She has curly hair, which are always messed up. Maybe i like love weird. Her hair is like that of Ygritte’s from Game Of Thrones(only black in color). I love her hair. She seems silly, but adorable, makes me want to eat her chubby cheeks. Only I wish I could.

I gifted Aarohi a blue colored purse. She got pissed, everything blue makes her angry now. 

I can’t leave Aarohi, she is too much into me. Thinking about Vanshika makes me feel like I am betraying Aarohi. I am confused and somewhat scared. Scared to lose both of them. Aarohi is really a good friend.. but Vanshika, she is driving me crazy.

I need to choose soon. I wish I could.

Mata ne! Till next time.


to be continued...

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