Will these 20 people have egg on their face?  Will their devious plan work or will it back fire on them?  Before answering those questions consider the “State of our Union” at this time and how the “insiders” are trying to exterminate Trump. 

Americans have been under the control of the Washington Cartel (Republicans & Democrats) for many moons.  They have endured years of lies, schemes and political abuse from the politicians in the White House.   Americans are mad, they are on the fight but the Cartel has a plan to keep them in the greedy hands of “Big government.” They have hand - picked the “Insider” of their choice to be the next President of the USA.

Americans had been rendered totally helpless by big daddy Government - their jobs, freedoms, homes, health insurance, schools, religion and privacy has been taken from them. They no longer have a voice - their government has been snatched away by the “Insiders” (politicians, lobbyists, Wall Street and the Liberal News Media.  

On June 16, 2015 Donald Trump appeared on the scene and threw his hat into the Presidential race for 2016.  The Cartel, Old Republican establishment, Democrats and Liberals announced that Trump was short lived and would only be around for a few weeks or at most a couple of months.

They made fun of him, his demeanor, his messages and called him an “outsider.”  They declared he was nothing but a businessman, TV celebrity and a person with a super big ego who didn’t have a clue about the “State of Our Union.”  They even tried attacking him for his unruly mop of hair as if that would eliminate him and stop him dead in his tracks.

But, as time went on he was still around drawing thousands of people to each of his campaign rallies. Americans were absolutely enthralled with Donald.  He was awaking the “silent majority” because he was exposing the crooked Washington establishment and talking about the real problems facing all Americans.  He dared to stand toe to toe with politicians and he literally stripped them of their hand-hold they had on the populace.  

The Cartel, Old Republican establishment, Democrats and Liberals aren’t laughing now - they are having meetings strategizing how this man could be stopped from his Presidential run for president. They’ve tried negative ads, called him a liar, a woman hater, a Muslim hater, an illegal alien hater and the gory list goes on and on… 

Scuttlebutt on the streets say there’s talk about a “brokered convention” that would stop Donald Trump in his run for President. 

Next was the first Republican debate and FOX’s own Megyn Kelly decided she would destroy Donald and hang him out to dry, never to be heard of again, but that didn’t work.  Megan still appears to be mad that her little girlie scheme didn’t work on Donald.  

Oh he certainly wasn’t the best debater in the pack of 17 - he tripped several times, but stayed on his feet. Americans loved him even more because they realized he was human and not a polished politician (inside) from Washington.

Time passed, the debates continued and Donald’s last debate was stellar!  His polls keep climbing and he is receiving some solid endorsements. Remember the Washington Cartel & Chamber of Commerce have a war chest with millions of dollars stashed in it to remove Donald - they have vowed to push him over the cliff.  

A couple of nights ago, a group of 20 so called Conservatives exposed their plan to run Trump out of town. So below you will read how 20 so called Conservatives and/or Libertarians have created a scheme to take Donald Trump down.  Please remember that the 20 so called Conservatives are the “insiders” and they have an insider in mind for President of the USA for 2016.

Donald Trump -- Conservatives Should Stand against Him

Don’t think for one moment that these 20 people are trying to derail Trump out of the goodness of their hearts - millions are being passed under the table or given away behind closed doors.  It appears that 20 out of 20 have a price on their head and can be bought or will sell their soul to the devil if the price is right.  

Donald Trump says in his letters to America that together we can “Make our Country Great Again.” Together is the keyword here friends.  

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Published by Marcia Wood