Do you have an unthealthy obsession with cosmetics? See how many statements you agree with to find out-

  1. Some of your earliest memories involve it (for me wanting Tinkerbell pealable nail varnish and not being allowed to have it) 16-signs-you-are-addicted-to-makeup 
  2. When you read a magazine, you skip straight to the beauty section.
  3. The idea of a makeup free day brings you out in a cold sweat 
  4. The idea of barely there makeup brings you out in a cold sweat. Less isn’t more, more is more!
  5. You had a makeup bag but the zip broke, so then you got a bigger one but the zip broke and so on until you had to get a special item of furniture to house it all
  6. You see the crazy old lady who has crazy makeup and you think “work it girlfriend!” 

    “So hot right now!”

  7. You already have 8 different primers but you buy another one because it is enriched with space age luminescence boosting particles or something else just as made up
  8. You can’t say no to 3for2 offers, you really didn’t need one thing let alone 3
  9. You’re getting ready for a night out and it’s taken you so long to put makeup on by the time you get out everyone else is drunk/going home
  10. You have 11 of the same product  

    This isnt my eyeliner collection. Its just my black eyeliner pencil collection

  11. Everything in your house has a brown mark on it 
  12. Seeing a new eyeshadow palette makes your pupils dilate 
  13. This is your favourite bit of the film The Little Mermaid  16-signs-you-are-addicted-to-makeup 
  14. You’ve bought new makeup and you’re so eager to try it on you put on a full face of slap, only to take it off half an hour later because it’s bedtime 
  15. You started wearing makeup to look older, then to impress boys, then to look presentable, now you don’t care if you’re not even leaving the house, you’ve still got full contouring and cat flicks.
  16. Reality TV dolly birds look totally reasonable to you.

    A Natural Daytime look

    17. When you say "I'll be ready in five minutes" your boyfriend knows he still has time to make  a three course meal, mow the lawn and make a few phone calls

    18. The word "Swatch" is no longer a brand of watch

    19. Sometimes you go into town just to "visit" the makeup

    20. "Makeup " is on your CV as a hobby


If you agreed with more than 5 of these statements it looks like you might have a dependence on makeup. Good for you, “Work it Girlfriend”!!
Being addicted to makeup makes me very happy, I’m not about to quit the habit any time soon.


Published by Nia Patten