Well, since my 20th birthday is today, I thought I'd share a little more about myself. I knew my birthday was coming up so I really got to thinking about what that meant for me and my life. I realized how blessed I have been in my short lifetime and all that I have done. I also really want to point out to anyone and everyone that anything is possible, and the only thing standing in your way of success/happiness is yourself. You can do anything you freaking want to do, I don't care what anyone says, what anyone's doubts poison your mind with. Stick to your guns, and take everything in stride! I hate it when I look at other people's lives and think about how lucky they are to travel where they have or be able to afford the things they do, but now that I look back and really think about the past 20 years, I know I have no reason to truly be jealous. Everything that happened to me happened for a reason and I am so much better and stronger for it. So here are my 20 things (of most significance to me) that I have done/has happened to me, in no particular order.

1. Drove to California for the first time (only a 7 hr drive but still)

2. Got my short story published in a Young Adult anthology at age 17

3. Went snorkeling on Catalina Island (swam above tiger sharks)

4. Worked two part time jobs at  the same time

5. Created a Book Blog: Escape Inside the Pages

6. No longer friends with my best friend

7. Went to a concert by myself

8. Cliff jumped

9. Drove in the snowy downpour

10. Walked the streets of New York City

11. Made straight A's my first two years of College (so far) as an Exercise Science major

12. Signed a lease on my 1st apartment

13. Worked fast food

14. Met the celebrity of my dreams aka Jensen Ackles who plays Dean Winchester in the show Supernatural

15. Stood front row at a concert

16. Became a Certified Nursing Assistant

17. Went ice skating in the snow at Rockefeller Center

18. Took a Salsa Class

19. Had the lead role in a High School play

20. Member of the High School Improv team for 3 years

There's my life in a nutshell, not really, but I sure am proud of how far I've come. I can't wait to see what the next 20 years bring me.


Published by Brigit Mannino