"Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty" - Anne Herber, Sausalito, California in 1982.

Kindness, this is actually my favourite word and what I think is the most important trait you can have in life. I never thought of kindness as a 'random act' as I think you should just be kind without having to think about it. There has also been a lot of controversy about kindness being a weakness, which is so untrue.

Why is that? Well, some people tend to think that if someone is pushing you around or hurting you in any way then it's classed as you're not sticking up for yourself if you show them kindness. When in reality, it's a strength, it's okay to show someone who isn't being kind, kindness. For example, we all know a bully is just someone who has more insecurities than us and only know how to ask for help by acting cruel and mean. They want a rise from us, they want us to hit back, however, if you show them kindness then they will be disappointed that they can't get to you.

Acts of kindness can start off very small and grow into something amazingly wonderful, for example even just smiling at everyone you see today is an act of kindness. You never know someone you smile at today might have needed that show of affection to help get through the rest of the day. Even just telling your parents, family members or friends how much they mean to you can help improve your relationship with them and make them feel like they matter because they do sometimes they just need a little bit of reassurance.


  1. If you walk past someone on the streets that are homeless, go to your nearest coffee shop and buy them a hot drink or a bottle of water, depending on the weather.
  2. If it's raining and you see someone without an umbrella, give them yours.
  3. If you walk past an expired parking meter and don't see the driver anywhere then just put a few coins in so the driver doesn't receive a ticket.
  4. Ask someone if they are okay or if they need help and really listen to them.
  5. Find someone who needs help around Christmas time, for example, someone who isn't able to leave the house because of ice or snow, do some basic shopping for them to help them get through. Leave it anonymously at their doorstep, but obviously, make sure it's dry and the person you are helping can reach it.
  6. The last one does not have to be just around Christmas, you can do this any day of any week of any month. All year round.
  7. Volunteer to petsit someone's pet while they are away, instead of them putting them in a kennel, etc.
  8. Help someone who is struggling with bags, by helping them carry some bags.
  9. Offer to make a guest drink/food.
  10. If you're standing in a queue and the person in front of you is a little short with money, offer to pay the difference.
  11. Just say "I'm sorry" when you're wrong.
  12. Forgive & forget.
  13. Take a box of chocolates or doughnuts to work/school to share with everyone.
  14. Sign up to Change, which is a petition site to help make different changes all around the world.
  15. Help someone cross a road.
  16. Open the door for someone.
  17. Give up an afternoon to help in a soup kitchen.
  18. Donate old clothes and food to a nearby homeless shelter.
  19. Take out and bring back in someone's trash bin.

And there's much more that you can do to help spread kindness and positivity. Never be afraid to show someone how much you care.

Have a lovely day, and I'll see you again soon + comment below what kind deed you did or the number if you did something from this list! 

Published by Beth Gleghorn