There are 9 million bicycles in Beijing, that’s a fact, well according to Katie Melua’s song. There probably is a few to be fair.

Well looking at stats about how many blog sites there are and apparently, there are approximately 200 million of them.

This generates about 1.5 million posts a day.

Those 1.5 million posts are vying for the attention of 3.6 billion internet users.

There are always enough people to read our posts, buy our stuff, to attract to our message.

The problem isn’t the size of the audience, it’s the message we create and whether it will stand out from the other 1.5 million posts.

Create the right message, keep making it better, consistently share it with the world and be patient, the right people will see it.

After all, we don’t need 3.6 billion people, we just need the right ones.

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Published by Philip Dodson