It was all over the news. The vet who had been spotted taking pictures of himself with his trophy kills such as lions lay dead at the bottom of a ravine.

There had been a certain amount of death threats made against him but surprisingly there seemed to be no foul play involved in the whole thing. It just got written down as an accident that could have happened to anybody. Apparently he just slipped on the ice and happened to plummet hundreds of feet. Died instantly, no suffering.

However, his final moments would have been filled with the fear of what was to come and he may have finally understood what his prey was feeling as he closed in for the kill.

There was one thing that nobody noticed when they looked at the scene before them. Nobody saw the Buddha watching the whole thing with a smile gracing his lips. In front of him were the poles that had been used to give the vet that ever so gentle nudge over the edge of the cliff.

It was fair to say that there had been a good dose of karma involved in the accidental death of the hunter.

Written for Sunday photo fiction and based on true events.

Published by Angie Trafford