As soon as he removed my blindfold an overwhelming feeling of disappointment crushed my body. It was meant to be a lovely surprise marking an anniversary of when we first started to date. I am nosy by nature and so I had already seen the receipt for the hotel that we would be staying in that night.

The country hotel.

It had brought forth certain images within my mind about idyllic settings.

However, what faced me now was a tall grey building in the middle of some cityscape. All you could smell were exhaust fumes of the many cars that filtered around the place. How was I going to face my husband and look happy?

He was grinning at me from ear to ear as he watched me take in the picture before me. It took every single ounce of energy to muster up a smile that I hoped would look genuine. “It looks… Wonderful, darling.”

“I know you found the receipt, Annabel. You should know I would never bring you to a place like this. It took me awhile to find, admittedly, but now I will take you to our actual destination!”

There was relief in my smile.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

Published by Angie Trafford