It was the same as 2015, 1912, 1624, and it will be the same as 2017, 2018, 2019 and on.

A collection of 365 times 24 hours.

Each year is always the same.

The difference is what we make of those 365 days, how we react to events that we do not control and the mindset we choose.

2016 was it worse or better than another year? It’s all a choice and it is all a question of perspective.

Enjoy 2017 and choose the outcome you want.

It’s then up to all of us to make that choice a reality. It won’t be determined by votes cast in an election or how many celebrities will die or what others do or say.

It will be determined by ourselves as that is the only thing we control.

Happy New Year.

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Published by Philip Dodson