Rob $tone is an up and coming artist out of San Diego, who I am very glad to have discovered before his gain to fame; which will surely happen. He just has that swag about him. Similar to a young A$AP Rocky, he seems to be destined for the main stage.

RCA may have felt the same, signing him to their record label on April 20. I wonder what his celebration ritual that day was...

$tone began his career with Chill Bill, which I wrote an article about that you should totally check out. Here's a totally shameless plug with a link to check out here, here, here, and here.  You can say Chill Bill quickly helped catapult his, Spooks and J. Davis' music careers in 2015 to where they are now, with $tone being the most talented of the trio on that track.

For such a young career it's clear to see how talented he is. His flow couples well with his content, while being able to write consistent hooks on many of his songs-- and you see that on his new mixtape, "I'm Almost Ready".

The title certainly fits itself. He's still polishing his craft, but he's close.

Some songs on IAR had me aggressively swinging my head, while others left me reaching for the next button.

Tracks No. 2 "Okay, Okay Okay" and No. 3 "Rolling $tone" were instant adds to my playlist. His flow and hard hitting beats reminded me of the Rob $tone I've come to know this year.

Same goes with track No. 4 "Don't You Dare". However, $tone repeating "Don't you dare" about 20 times as the hook made it a bit hard to handle, given a similar repetitive hook was featured two songs earlier on "Okay, Okay, Okay". I think some song separation would have helped in this situation.

Track No. 5 "Ice Cream Man 2" just wasn't doing it for me. After aggressive beats with condensed lyrics on the two previous songs, $tone converts to a very slow and lazy type flow that sounds very hypnotic. In that, it was boring and almost put me to sleep.

Although No. 6 "Vintage Couch" left me scratching my head, $tone's delivery would have fit better in place of the previous song. I'm just not a big fan of auto-tuned singing (excluding Future's, of course), it was annoying.

Overall, $tone does a great job on the most complete project of his young career. He goes mostly solo with Denzel Curry being the most notable of features on the tape. Spooks also reemerges with $tone on track No. 15 "Check".

Anyways, enough reading, check out "I'm Almost Ready" on the Soundcloud link below.

Published by Jonathan Comeaux