Here's some news NBA fans.

The Boston Celtics and the Portland Trail Blazers have expressed interest in acquiring Andrew Bogut of the Dallas Mavericks.

So, should the Mavs trade Andrew Bogut?

Okay, the Mavs are sporting a league worse 8-21 record. And Bogut has not really been healthy. So, are these reasons good enough for the Mavs to part ways with Bogut? Haha. If that's the case, then why did they sign Wesley Matthews?? He's even coming off a career-threatening injury! And with the Mavs struggling at that time, too..

Worse, they might not even make the PlayOffs this season.

But hey, they still have about 50 more games and anything could still happen! Technically, at least. Because truthfully, what are the chances of 'em winning 40 out of their next 50 games? In this case, their fate is actually not in their hands but in the lower half of the Western teams' hands.

Think about this.

If the Celtics and the Trail Blazers are interested in Bogut then it only means he still has value. Thus, why should the Mavs trade Bogut? To get younger? Then how about just tanking instead of trading? Anyway, Dirk is also not playing. So, just use this season to experiment some plays, more so, to develop chemistry; of course, without really giving their games away -- 'cause again, who knows? So, just monitor the lower bracket of the West.

See. Portland has young big men in Plumlee and Leonard but they still need Bogut, why? Because the Blazers doesn't know how to maximize the youth and athleticism of Plumlee and Leonard. Meanwhile, the Celtics just got Al Horford but why do they still need Bogut? Because they don't know how to use Tyler Zeller. He's young. He's got skills. Yes, on both ends of the floor. So?

This only means youthfulness is not really the answer but skills. Understanding 'em. More so, knowing how to utilize 'em. If a player is good enough for at least 3 years then he's of value, therefore, think twice before shipping him out -- and for what?

Say what you?

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