There are five NBA games this Christmas; but perhaps most everyone would agree that the rematch between last season's Finalists -- the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors -- is the most anticipated one.


KEVIN DURANT. Obviously. Ever since the addition of KD to the Warriors' lineup, the team has received a lot of flak from just about everywhere. Yeah, he didn't do anything illegal but critics would be one in saying that he did something 'cowardly'.


KD chose to join a 'champion' team. You know, a team that was the defending champion then and was just a minute away from repeating. More so, it's the team that actually eliminated his OKC in the Western Finals after even holding a commanding 3-1 lead.

Doesn't make sense really.

Because OKC could have actually beaten the Warriors and was in the brink of it, so why didn't KD just give it another try especially with the addition of Victor Oladipo and the development of Steven Adams?

For now, all we could think of is who'd take the last shot on a tight ballgame.

CAVS DEFENSE. Speaking of last year's finals, undoubtedly, the Cavs may not have won the championship if only Draymond Green played in Game 5. Hey, the fact is, that was a momentum swing!

Now with Kevin Durant in a Golden State uniform, how do you think could the Cavs (or any team for that matter) defend them?

Clue. Check out our previous related articles. Haha. Seriously. 

Anyway, the clue is that the Warriors are not the same team as in the past couple of years. They particularly lost Bogut, Barnes and Barbosa. Yes, they got KD but they lost the inside presence of Bogut. Yes, they got KD but they lost a developing wheel in Barnes. Yes, they got KD but their bench somehow 'weakened' after letting go of Barbosa as well.

So, all the Cavs need to do now -- just like how other teams should play Golden State -- is to guard the fence. Once their stars get checked and start missing their long bombs, just make sure you get the rebounds and methodically convert on the other end of the floor.

WARRIORS DEFENSE. Without Bogut, the Warriors are left with only Green to anchor their defense. Yes, they got Iguodala but he's a perimeter defender that has seemed to have slowed down with his injuries as we saw last June. Not to mention that he's not really a rebounder.

Yes, they got Thompson but he's also a perimeter defender -- more importantly, making him play too much defense could get him tired in offense. Especially crucial in the closing minutes of a cliff-hanger. Thus, with the Warriors' current lineup, teams simply need to keep attacking -- inside out.

GAME PACE. This is where the Warriors could get leverage. By speeding up the game. They've upgraded their 'death squad', so why not just keep running? Whoever has enough gas in their tank, wins.

Say what you?

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