Nahh. Not just because the Spurs beat the Warriors on opening night but, okay.. because the Spurs even beat the Warriors on their home court and by a mile! And they can't just blame new personnel for this as the Spurs are also loaded with such 'newness' in their team. Hmm...

So, shall we put off the Warriors as favorites and replace 'em with the Spurs?

Not necessarily. It's still a 50-50 thing. And more than just being their first games, we are also looking at 'stamina' here. Pau Gasol and Manu Ginobili along with Tony Parker are older. And if only for either team's top scorers, the Warriors' Curry and Durant certainly got the edge over the Spurs' Leonard and Aldridge. Then again, that's not how basketball is; and the Spurs' got 3 reasons to believe in a championship.

SYSTEM. While the Warriors are also efficient in their 'ball movement', they don't have a solid option inside the paint. Pachulia is okay; but we'd rather have Bogut. Strong, skillful and athletic. And with the addition of Durant, this makes the Warriors even more outside-oriented, which brings us to the next critical factor.

DEFENSE. Who will you guard now, or where will you guard when playing the Warriors? The perimeter, obviously. And you guessed it right, there's no better team in guarding the fence than the San Antonio Spurs. Ey, they didn't even have Danny Green in their opening game! Oh my..

BENCH. Yes, Ginobili may have gotten a year older but he's still a threat; and if paced well, he could be that X-Factor. But we are not only talking about Manu here, Jonathon and Kyle have improved with David Lee and Dedmon providing that additional inside presence as well. And Mills? Hmm... Just like Green, they still have to prove that they have regained their touch.

There you go.

Wait. What about the Cavaliers? Well, they could still make the Finals next year for while some of the East's teams have gotten stronger -- they're either adjusting (the East just takes longer to acclimatize themselves, must be a coaching problem) or are still young. But as for winning the championship -- if it's not the Spurs, the Warriors, or the Clippers that they'd face come 2017 then they'd probably win back-to-back titles.

After all, the Cavs were just lucky that the Warriors didn't have Draymond Green in Game 5 last June.

Say what you?

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