The Golden State Warriors may have been winning lately but this issue seems to be getting bigger by the day.. That is, should Klay Thompson be traded?

Well, we'd be surprised if we see eyebrows raising following this question. And some would even say, "Hey, they're winning, why even think of trading Thompson?". Oh, then you must not have noticed the struggles of Klay at the start of the season, huh? Yes? Okay, okay, he's been doing well already. So, why still trade him?

Obviously, having three All-Star shooters is just one too many.

Yes, they maybe winning now but there's really no guarantee how far they would go in the PlayOffs, in the future. Look, they are just all perimeter players! So, all you need to do is secure your fences and they got nowhere to go. Yeah, simply because they just got no inside presence!

Indeed. You may say that this is better said than done. Still, all this really takes is 'dedicated switching' to cope up with their ball movement. We know that that's just how basketball is.

Again, Golden State has no inside threat so.. Guarding one area is easier than guarding both the perimeter and the paint. Hmm... See what happened in their losses? Makes sense.

Thus, trading Thompson and another or whatever package for say, Sacramento's DeMarcus Cousins would be logical. If this happens, and with a good coach like Steve Kerr who knows how to maximize their strengths and all, the Warriors would be almost unbeatable. Right.

Winning 75, 77 regular season games is not impossible. So is winning a three-peat or more.

The key here then would be 'locking up' Kevin Durant.

Say what you?

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