As expected, after a frenzy in the free agency came promises, there were many teams actually -- but for now, the 2 teams that puzzles us is a notable team which hit the headlines through some verbal pronouncements by a newly-acquired star, and another team which quietly rebuilt its roster by acquiring marked free agents.


Aha! Obviously, you had an idea of the first team we were referring to -- even without the image! The Knicks and Derrick Rose. After being traded by the Chicago Bulls and acquiring the talented Brandon Jennings as well, New York really seemed to look like a 'superteam' that Rose has perceived it to be -- at least on paper.

Imagine their starting lineup. Anthony. Porzingis. Noah. Lee. Rose. With Jennings coming off the bench. That's somethin'! Seriously.

Then again, many analysts were right in rebuffing Rose's thoughts. At least for now. Hey, after 6 games, the Knicks are just 2-4! What happened? Where's that 'superteam'? Rose must be 'super upset' with how things turned out to be. Well, more often than not, the 'excuse' here would be 'it takes time'. Perhaps. More than just jelling, it's about knowing their 'identity'.

While we heard of reports that Phil Jackson is unhappy with the minimal usage of the 'triangle', some players, too, were unhappy on how the offense is being run. Hmm...

Still, all Jeff Hornacek needs to do is to look into the key skills of his players. Then make a system out of it. Thing here is the phasing out of Anthony. Though he's still productive, Hornacek must lessen his isolation plays, make more plays for Porzingis, and give ball movement and defense more importance. After all, they got Noah and Porzingis who could really clog the lane.

It's still too early to 'really agree' with the analysts. But the Knicks should double time before it becomes a 'super embarrassing' season.


Just like the Knicks who got 2 major players from one team, the Mavs did get theirs in the person of Golden State's Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes. This is actually a major upgrade from a less athletic Zaza Pachulia and an often injured Chandler Parsons.

Check out their starters. Barnes. Nowitzki. Bogut. Matthews. Williams. Whatever analysts or bashers may say -- this is a pretty competitive team. Period.

Okay. Some may have come off injuries, or are no longer in their prime, but talent doesn't go away. It only seems to decline because of age. Because of a gradual deterioration in 'strength, speed or athleticism'. But the knowledge is there. And would always be there. So?

It's now all up to the coach. And with Rick Carlisle at the helm, keeping older guys fresh while devising a system that would make them competitive against younger or more athletic teams would be crucial not only to make the PlayOffs -- but to even go deep into the PlayOffs.

That's not impossible.

Say the Warriors, the Spurs and the Clippers has got a lock on the first 3 spots -- but the fourth spot is open. Regardless. The Mavs may be 2-5 now but it's still too early, so they could definitely make a run for the Final Four. And depending on how well their team has been executing -- who knows? They might even end up in the Finals.

Ridiculous? Then try recalling their 2011 champion team. The only difference in their starting lineup's talent -- then and now -- is that Nowitzki is a little older now. But hey, Barnes is young and more offensively capable than the 2011 Marion! Bogut is just about the same as Tyson Chandler yet with a better free throw percentage. And so on.

Again, like most of the best teams, the major factor here is a good system and defense.

Could the Mavs really make the Top 4? Ask Carlisle. Ask Nowitzki.

Say what you?

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