Nope. We are not exactly talking about Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant folks. Sorry. They've probably been figured out by that time; I mean, in 5 years? Wow! That long?? Well for one, they have aged, so..

Anyway, we're not simply talking about players but teams. There are currently at least 3 young teams that may have been cellar dwellers for the past couple of years, but in 5 years time and if they don't break up the important pieces -- tell ya', these teams should be contenders!

Timberwolves. Lakers. Sixers. They're just simply loaded with talent.


Wiggins. Towns. Lavine. Dunn. This is like 'The Fabulous Four'. Then add Rubio, Dieng and Muhammad -- and what have you got? Yup, almost every position is filled up save for the traditional power forward. But hey, all they really need now is a real good 3-point shooter and they are ready for 'small ball'!

So, should they trade Rubio to get that deadshot?

If they do that, the Wolves will be left without a leader. Talented as they are, these are still youngsters. What, trade Rubio and just grow together? Such principle has its pros and cons.

PRO. They would immediately get the 'pure' shooter they need. CON. They are not sure if this shooter could thrive without a veteran in the starting lineup, or at least playing major minutes. See, shooters most of all need a veteran-thinking playmaker to set him up and everybody else. 


Ingram. Randle. Russell. That's your 'Big Three', Hollywood! At the very least, critical positions has been satisfied. A promising point guard. A reliable power forward. And a scorer ready to bust out of the gate. Plus you add Nance, Zubac, and Clarkson -- and the Lakers got just about the right substitutes they need for their Big Three and their future. Not to mention a potentially terrific coach in Luke Walton.

The main concern with this team though is health. Randle seems to be injury-prone. Perhaps Walton should really divide time between Nance and Randle -- and trade for a couple more good role players, especially in case of injuries; yes, with a great shooter in mind.


Okafor. Embiid. Noel. They are your '3-Headed Monster' at the paint. But do the Sixers need this? Nah. This is like top-heavy. Add to that their incoming, would-be 'superstars' in Simmons and Saric, thus the team should then trade for a good, young point guard to man the helm.

While Okafor has good offensive skills, Embiid and Noel are more known for their defensive abilities; so, it would be logical to trade either Embiid or Noel to get that orchestrator (Embiid is intriguing, what are the chances of him getting that foot re-injured? If it's closer to nil than to being a given, then trade Noel since Embiid is stronger and could possibly be like a Dwight Howard) -- and again, with a dependable shooter included on the table, obviously to spread the floor.

These are the 'Big Three' in 5 years. Say what you?

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