Right after top pick Ben Simmons suffered a bone fracture in his right foot, we felt like 'what else can go wrong with the Sixers, huh?' -- com' on, give 'em a break!

Of course, t'was really nobody's fault and especially the Sixers who never really wanted anymore injuries to happen particularly to their budding stars. But then, once again lightning has struck. From Nerlens Noel to Joel Embiid to Jahlil Okafor and now to Ben Simmons. Yet for the Sixers sake, hopefully, it stops there.

Just several hours ago, we witnessed how promising Dario Saric and Joel Embiid were.

Without Simmons and Okafor, the Sixers still managed to beat the Celtics, 92-89. Yeah, regardless of the minutes these key players logged in. Anyway, stars from both sides didn't really play that long. But what's amazing though is that Team Philadephia are practically newbies (save for Gerald Henderson and Sergio Rodriguez) compared to Boston which boasts of Al Horford and Isaiah Thomas. See the potential?!

As we have mentioned before in our previous article, all the Sixers need is a good point guard and perhaps a shooter then they're all set to compete. Yes, they might not be a force yet considering that they're still 'new' to the league -- but those moves by Embiid and Saric registered in our minds.

Hey, more than Dwight Howard, Embiid could actually be like 'The Dream'. He's got the moves, the range and the defensive timing. And Saric? Yep, a cross between Durant and Gallinari! My, indeed the Sixers are loaded at the 3-5 spots. If Embiid, Saric, Noel, Okafor and Simmons could physically.. yes, 'physically' mature the soonest, then they'd be in the top 4 of the East in 2 years.

Talent is no longer a question here. They got it. The issue would be how long these guys would take to compete strength-for-strength. Attaining that would remove whatever tentativeness or confidence issues they may have -- thereby, being the offensive (and defensive) machines they are projected to be.

Again, just add a good orchestrator and shooter then they'll be ready to go.

'Cause for now, it seems like only Henderson could efficiently fill in that SG spot. Nik Stauskas has left all his shooting skills in college, while Sergio Rodriguez probably just needs to get his confidence back since he's been out of the league for quite a while. So, let's see.

As for the man at the point.. TJ McConnell played well but that was only one game (tho he was signed by the Sixers since September 2015), somethin's that's hard to assess when you're a relatively 'unknown' quantity. Jerryd Bayless? He's more of a small SG to us -- just like Sergio Rodriguez is, a small shooting guard. So, wasn't Michael Carter-Williams a waste?

Say what you?

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